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After our huge Best 360mm AIO CPU Cooler shoot-out last week, we return again with another closed loop water cooler, but this time of the 240mm variety. Today Deepcool have sent us their Gammax L240 model in for review, so it’s time to fire up the 6700k test bench and see how it compares to all the other CPU coolers on our league tables.

Deepcool Gammax L240 box

Deepcool Gammax L240 Specifications & Features

Net Weight 1204 g
Radiator Dimensions 274×120×27 mm
Radiator Material Aluminium
Tube Length 310 mm
Pump Dimensions 91×79×47 mm
Pump Speed 2550 RPM±10%
Pump Noise 18.9 dB(A)
Pump Connector 3-pin
Pump Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Pump Rated Current 0.21 A
Pump Power Consumption 2.52 W
Fan Dimension 120×120×25 mm
Fan Speed 500-1800 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow 69.34 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 2.42 mmAq
Fan Noise ≤30 dB(A)
Fan Connector 4-pin
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.17 A
Fan Power Consumption 2.04 W
LED Connector 4-pin(+12V-G-R-B)
LED Rated Voltage 12 VDC
LED Power Consumption 3.72 W
Socket Compatibility Intel LGA20XX/LGA1366/LGA115X ; AMD AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 /FM2+/FM2/FM1.
EAN 6933412726531

Deepcool Gammax L240 Closer Look

Deepcool Gammax L240 unit

The Deepcool Gammax L240 is of a fairly standard aesthetic; a round CPU block houses the pump, topped off with an RGB illuminated logo. The aluminium radiator connects to the pump via tubing that is clad in nice thick woven sleeving. Everything feels very solid and is of a nice quality overall.

Deepcool Gammax L240 rad

From a fan perspective, you get two 120mm with PWM control, along with 6 ultra-bright RGB LEDs embedded around the out edge of the core. With translucent fan blades, the light should fill the entirety of the fan when in operation.

Deepcool Gammax L240 fans

A nice added little bonus is the fan controller which also allows the RGB lighting to be controlled by the motherboard software, with all the major motherboard companies supported.

Deepcool Gammax L240 hub

The cold plate covers a nice big area, and is made of pure copper for effective heat dissipation. From a socket support perspective, all main stream variants from Intel and AMD are catered for, with the exception of TR4.

Deepcool Gammax L240 cold plate

Deepcool Gammax L240: Thermal Performance

Since our previous cooling reviews prior to November 2016, we have decided to update the method accordingly for better and consistent results. It isn’t ideal running Prime95 for a prolonged period of time and if you get called away to do something, it could be left running for much longer than needed. Our new methodology involves running a very stressful multi-threaded performance benchmark called ROG RealBench.

It should also be noted that the reason we omit acoustic/noise testing is due to an inaccuracy within the readings and method. To provide truly accurate readings, you need a lab setting with the same ambient noise on an hour by hour, day by day and week by week basis. As ambient noise can increase at different times of the day, we believe that it’s pointless providing noise testing if we can’t measure consistent and accurate data due to our office being a busy setting.

Test Setup

In addition to keeping our test setup consistent for all CPU cooling tests, we also always use the same thermal paste rather than any that comes supplied or pre-applied. Our thermal paste of choice is NT-H1 from Noctua.

Idle Testing Methodology

To test each cooler at idle, the minimum temperature is taken after leaving the PC with only start-up programs on Windows 10 being allowed to run for 5 minutes. After this, the minimum temperature with the core temperature being offset against the room temperature; thus achieving delta.

Load Testing Methodology

To load test, we run RealBench while selecting the heavy multitasking benchmark only. We run this a maximum of 3 times concurrently and the maximum temperature recorded is taken. This temperature is deducted from the current room temperature and our final delta temperature is provided.


Deepcool Gammax L240 4.2 Idle Graph

Deepcool Gammax L240 4.2 Load Graph

Deepcool Gammax L240 4.5 Idle Graph

Deepcool Gammax L240 4.5 Load Graph

The Deepcool Gammax L240 Review: The Verdict

The Gammax L240 is a very likeable product indeed. Its very easy to mount, which isn’t the case with all AIO’s for sure. The RGB lighting emitted by the fans is extremely vivid, and would look great in a finished build. The CPU block design is simple, but very effective, and I like the look of the logo which reminds me of an LCD number design.

Deepcool Gammax L240 LED

From a performance perspective, it performed well…in fact it performed REALLY well. With our i7 6700k overclocked to 4.5GHz and running at full load, the Gammax was the second best performing 240mm AIO we’ve ever seen, beaten only by the excellent Cooler Master ML240. What’s even more impressive, is that it beats a 280mm cooler, and even a 360mm variant also. Very impressive indeed!

What’s hot:

  • Excellent performer beating many more expensive rivals
  • Bright RGB LEDs on the fans look really good
  • Fantastic value for money thanks to an amazingly low price

What’s not:

  • There is literally nothing to dislike about the Gammax L240

The crowning glory for the Deepcool Gammax L240 is that at the time of writing, it can be bought in the UK for just £69.99 at Amazon. If you don’t mind pre-ordering, the price drops even further to just £59.99 at If you have read my previous article on the best 360mm AIO coolers 2019 you will see that some of those prices were eye watering, so to find something that looks this good, performs this well, and costs this little is frankly hard to beat. Therefore the Gammax L240 rightly deserves our Play3r Gold Award. Good job Deepcool.

Deepcool Gammax L240 awards-gold

Thanks to Deepcool for sending a sample of the Gammax L240 in for review.

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deepcool-gammax-l240-aio-cpu-cooler-reviewTo find something that looks this good, performs this well, and costs this little is frankly hard to beat. Therefore the Gammax L240 rightly deserves our Play3r Gold Award

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