NZXT Kraken X61 AIO CPU Cooler Review 23

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With CPU’s becoming more and more powerful these days, companies such as NZXT are tasked with doing their bests to keep them cool. Over the past few years, All-In-One or AIO coolers have come to the forefront to combat this issue. AIO are usually closed loop water cooling coolers which means there is no maintenance or set up. This is especially good as they are designed to offer users water cooling performance normally for one component, most likely a CPU though they do make brackets so you can install AIO onto GPU’s as well.

AIO coolers are not just good for they cooling performance they offer, they also add a nice edge to the overall aesthetics of a build. AIO coolers often feature some LEDs on the pump, which is what sits atop the CPU and is normally on display, especially if the user has a window on their case. While most AIO coolers come with their own fans, users can, of course, change those out to something that better suits their needs, whether it be for added performance of aesthetics.

Today I will be taking a look at one of NZXT’s latest AIO coolers by way of the Kraken X61. Following on from my previous review of the Kraken X41, which is a 140mm AIO cooler, it will be interesting to see the performance gains of the bigger X61. The X61 features a 280mm radiator to offer maximum performance and when coupled with the NZXT CAM software, we should hopefully have some great cooling performance on our hands. The X61 also comes with two of the newer FX 140 V2 fans to make sure the hot air is dissipated off from the radiator.

To get things properly kicked off, let’s take a quick look at the packaging before getting a closer look at the X61. 


The front and back of the box offer users a look at what the cooler itself will look like. Users will also be able to find relevant info on the cooler and the CAM software which is easily downloaded from the NZXT website.



The sides of the box feature more technical specifications of the Kraken X61 so users can make sure this will be compatible with their system. Users will be able to see everything from the water block material, dimensions of the tubing, warranty (6 Years), all the way to the motor speed of the pump.



Getting everything out of the box and we can see the Kraken X61, two FX 140 V2 fans and all of the mounting hardware to get this installed on a number of AMD and Intel sockets.


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