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Raijintek, Founded in 2013 are a small company based in Taiwan but ever growing with distributors in Asia and Europe. Raijintek have stated they want to “provide products – high compatibility, extreme engineering, remarkable performance, amazing design, necessity of demand and multifunctional usage.”

Well today I get my hands on another addition to the growing Raijintek family, the ‘Themis Evo’. Designed to compete with the likes of the Thermalright HR-22 and Scythe Mugen 4, Raijintek have produced a cheap, yet well manufactured CPU cooler which they hope will grab the attention of pc builders and modders who are tired of paying too much for parts.

With expectations being so high from me after the exceptional Raijintek Pallas CPU cooler, will it’s big brother the Themis Evo stand up and take the crown of best cheap CPU cooler or will it flop like the Raijintek Zelos? I guess there is only one way to find out.

What Raijintek have to say about the Thermis Evo:

THEMIS EVO, “Designed in Germany”, is manufactured by several patents to reach advanced performance, high quality & workmanship, environmental protection and ease of use. With anti-vibration rubbers and supporting all modern sockets, THEMIS Evo is your professional choice of cooling.



Product name:                        Themis Evo
Product number:         OP105245
Dimensions (WxDxH):            122x82x165mm
Weight:                                    614g (Heat sink only)
Thermal Resistance:   0.11 C/W

Heat Sink                    Base Material              CPU Direct Contact (C.D.C)
Fin Material                 Aluminium Alloy; Solder-less fins assembly; Nickel

Heat Pipe                    SPEC                          Ø8mm
Q’ ty                            4 pcs

Fan                              Dimension (WxHxD)  120x120x25mm
Voltage Rating                        12V
Starting Voltage                      7V
Speed                          1000 – 1500 R.P.M
Bearing Type              Sleeve Bearing
Air Flow                       43.8 – 65.68 CFM
Air Pressure                1.0 – 2.24 mmH₂O
Life Expectance                      40,000hrs
Noise Level                 24.53dBA
Connector                   4 pin with PWM


Intel                             All Socket LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 CPU

AMD                            All FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPU


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