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  • Brand: Thermalright
  • Model: Macho Rev B
  • Price: €42.99 (At Time of Review)

Thermalright are a world-wide leader and innovator of computer cooling solutions and since their establishment in 2001 they have paved the way for many a company behind them and are devoted to providing the best products they can. Thermalright are known to set industry standards in their given field and it should come as no such surprise they are one of the most well respected names in the computer cooling industry. Thermalright has a long list of amazing looking coolers where their looks are only matched by their performance.

Following on from my last Thermalright review on the Macho Zero; today I will be looking at the Macho Rev. B which is very similar to the Zero but does have a few noticeable differences, the biggest of which is the inclusion of a fan. The other major difference comes down to its look, as the Rev. B does not feature the black nickel plated effect. Knowing how well the Macho Zero performed I was more than excited to get the Rev. B in and see if it could match up as the inclusion of the 140mm fan was sure to help build on what was already an amazing performance.


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