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Brand: Thermalright
Model: True Spirit 140 Power

RRP: £35 (At time of review)

The Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power is a relatively small, 140mm single tower cooler. As with all Thermalright coolers, it has a relatively attractive design, personally, I love the looks of the Thermalright coolers on the market and their latest addition in this cooler is their best looking yet.

So what does the Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power offer that no other single tower cooler on the market has to offer? Well first off, Thermalright have managed to fit six heat pipes into such a small and compact single tower cooler. Whilst this may not sound very fancy or important, when they are of such high quality and packed into something so small, they really do make a difference. Secondly we have a high quality copper base which has been nickel plated to match the aesthetic of the cooler itself and lastly we have a quiet and powerful 140mm Thermalright fan. When all these features come together we are given a small, compact and powerful cooler.

Coming in at an extremely reasonable £35 and promising a cooling performance of 360 watts, this should be able to keep our toasty i7 4770k nice and cool even at 4.5 GHz. However, as we all know, figures on paper do not always translate into real world performance. I wont keep you waiting any further, lets get on with the testing.


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