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Manufacturer: Venom Gaming
Model: XT+
RRP: £30

Today’s review comes to us courtesy of Venom Gaming – a name that is by no means new to the industry but perhaps one that has flown under the  peripheral market’s radar. Founded in 1999 they certainly are an old company and one that’s also based in the UK to boot! The Venom XT+ we’re looking at in this review is a stereo headset crafted in Venom’s red and black company aesthetic and also boasts a ‘vibration’ feature to add that bit extra to your sounds. The XT+ is compatible with all current and last-gen consoles as well as PC and Mac.

What does your £30 net you?


  • 40mm Speaker Drivers – superior sound clarity to enhance your gaming experience
  • 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers – featuring rich bass and vibration technology to fully
  • Immerse you into the game like never before
  • Inline Volume Control Unit – ergonomically designed control for in-game volume
  • Adjustments, online chat audio and vibration sensitivity
  • Soft Cushioned Headband and Ear Cups – for maximum comfort during gameplay
  • Neon Power Led Ear Cups – LED indicator gives power status
  • Adjustable Flexible Microphone – fully adjustable microphone for live in-game chat;
  • Detachable for easy storage
  • 3.85 Metre Cable – with USB, RCA connectors and 2.5mm jack
  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac


What Venom say about the XT+
Hear, absorb, feel the vibe: Venom’s Vibration Headset XT brings you the next generation in immersive sound. Featuring vibration technology, the rich bass sound will immerse you in the game like never before. Designed for superior sound clarity, the Vibration Headset XT is ergonomically constructed for comfort and maximum gameplay; control functions facilitate intuitive adjustments. 

Venom are certainly a new brand the Play3r review stable, let’s see if the XT+ will have us yearning for more products!

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