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Coming in at £30 the Venom XT+ was a surprise given it’s rather extensive comparability options and unique vibrating function for the same cost as most other analogue or USB limited headsets, but did this affect the overall package negatively?

Not really, would be my answer, and for £30 I’m not sure we’ve test a better headset here at Play3r for the money or even for value. Cross-compatibility between devices is a great boon for the XT+, and the in-line control for both game and audio chat is brilliant across both consoles and PC. The vibration function whilst not competitively advantageous in anyway, is good to have available for some mindless fun whether it’s FPS, driving or even something like Dark Souls and isn’t a feature available on other headsets at this price range as far as I know.

The comfort factor of the XT+ shouldn’t be overlooked either. Again, other headsets I’ve tested at this price and seemingly same OEM build, were less than stellar but Venom have perhaps gone that bit extra with the padding. What is a shame is that the fit is less than ideal for me. It’s annoying that they feel loose putting some of that comfort factor to waste, although fatigue from wearing them shouldn’t be an issue as much as annoyance at readjusting them.

Other minor niggles will depend on your setup. At 4m the cable is really quite long so you’re going to need somewhere to hide the excess. In addition to this, Xbox users will need phono connectors or a 3.5mm jack available to them as Microsoft’s console doesn’t support sound over USB – in all cases, the phono connectors are required to price the signal for the vibration unit. These are more quirks than out-and-out negatives, but should be considered.

Overall I’m left impressed by our first Venom Gaming product. The price is right as it features, functionality and performance. The build quality doesn’t leave much to be desired even at the lower-end of the market and Venom even offer a one-to-one live online service should you have any qualms. At £30 I’ve not tested  a better headset that covers all the bases, as a result, I’m giving the XT+ our Editor’s Choice Award.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Extremely impressive headset from Venom Gaming at an attractive price of £30. The vibrating functionality works well and will set a off a creeping smile across the face.

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