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It’s the part of the review that you have all been waiting for, so lets wrap up with my thoughts on this cooler.

The first thing that I think will catch the attention of most people, as it did to myself, is the overall look of the cooler. I have always been a fan of a simple aesthetic with any components on the market and do not generally go for pretty lights and effects, so naturally, this offering from Thermalright ticked all the boxes for me. Its clean design, teamed with monotone colours, means that it will fit into almost any build that you can think of, if you want a splash of colour, then all you need to do is change the fan.

Next up is the packaging. Upon removing the Thermalright True Spirit Power from its packaging, you can immediately tell that it is a high quality product. Thermalright have used a good quality foam to keep everything solidly in place during transit. When opening the contents, we are given a large amount of mounting equipment, as mentioned previously in the review. The fact that this cooler can support multiple different sockets really is a testament to the design process Thermalright have gone through whilst bringing this product to the market. Upon taking the cooler out of the box it immediately felt like a quality component, brilliantly finished in nickel plating. The addition of a Thermalright fan only adds to the excellent value of this cooler, as similar Thermalright fans on the market are generally retailing around the £10 mark. When you bear in mind that this cooler is on the market for £35, then over 25% of the price is the fan alone. Speaking of the fan, during testing it was very silent, only becoming audible at extreme loads but this was not enough to cause me much concern though and was not as loud as some of the other coolers we have had on test in the past.

With most coolers on the market you would expect the base construction to be dominated by copper. Well this is no different with the contact plate and heat pipes being based around a copper core, which is then nickel plated to provide durability and a better overall aesthetic. The fin array is an aluminium construction, which, whilst not the best of materials available on the market to dissipate heat, does the job well enough. If this were to be made from a purely copper construction, it would not only be a lot heavier but also cost much, much more, so I think Thermalright have made the right decision to go with an aluminium fin construction.

On to the installation side of things. The Thermalright True Spirit was relatively straightforward to install and whilst I did not have an AMD platform to hand to attempt that mounting kit, having a look at the way the Intel kit worked, as well as a quick look in the manual, I can confidently say that I believe it would be just as easy and straightforward as the Intel solution. The fact that this cooler can be mounted on a variety of different sockets is also a big selling point for Thermalright. With the cooler being such a good price and producing strong performance, being able to put it onto any socket you want to really does make this appeal to people who may be looking to use it on a test bench.

To conclude. The Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power offers all of the features that a user may want from a single tower cooler in regards to performance, price and style. I have been very happy with the way the cooler has looked on my test bench throughout the testing process and performance, for me, was the icing on the cake. Whilst I did not expect this to set the world on fire, I was pleasantly surprised, as it managed to go toe to toe with bigger, more expensive coolers and was not too far behind them when the results came in. Due to this, I am going to give the cooler our Silver Award as it is a similar price to the recently reviewed Raijintek offering and offered a similar performance also. The cooler is also going to be awarded the design award, due to ease of mounting and the vast socket versatility it provides.

I would like to thank Thermalright for the review sample and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power really is an extremely versatile cooler. Being able to cater for a vast array of CPU sockets is one thing, but when this is teamed with a brilliant price tag and good all round performance, you really are onto a winner.

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