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Brand: Cooltek
Model: U2 Window
RRP: ~€ 69.99  (At time of review)

Since 2003, Cooltek have been offering high quality products at very competitive prices. The focus of their product ranges are high quality PC cases which always combine exceptional functionality, an attractive design and excellent product quality, especially in their respective price range. From compact HTPC solutions, such as the award-winning CoolCube family, to appealing to midi towers, which offer extensive features at very reasonable prices, Cooltek offer a suitable model for almost any purpose.

Today we have an offering from Cooltek’s U-series, the U2 Window to be precise. Being one of the few ITX cases on the market featuring a full aluminium chassis will it be able to stack up to the excellence of the other aluminium builder, Lian Li. How will such a small case be able to cope with our overclocked i7? Well lets find out, but first a few words from Cooltek.

What Cooltek have to say about the U2 Window chassis

Based on our experience and by studying customer requirements, the focus during the development of the case series was the implementation of the original ITX-concept. For this reason, assembly areas for optical drives or extra-long video cards have been left out. VGA cards up to a length of 220 mm and CPU coolers up to a height of 175 mm are supported – enough space for most common configurations. This high-quality and well-manufactures ITX case supports motherboards up to a maximum size of 170 x 170 mm. The installation of the motherboard is very simple – after you remove the left side panel it can be installed with little effort on the right side panel. The “U2” can accommodate standard ATX power supply and offers a total of 2 expansion slots.

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