Athlon 3000G Overclocking: Is It Worth It?


Benchmark Results – CPU Tests

PCMark 10

PCMark 10 measures overall performance and user experience in a host of “real world” applications. Tests include launch time, and some tests benefit from GPU accelerated compute.

Athlon 3000G PCMark 10 Benchmarks, Stock and Overclocked. Stock 3204, CPU OC 3296, CPU+RAM OC 3471, CPU+GPU OC 3447, All OC 3605

Interestingly, PCMark 10 showed noticeable gain from the GPU overclock. As far back as 2013 AMD were producing adverts touting the benefits of GPU compute, in their own way. PCMark includes some conventional GPU loads, but the Spreadsheets test also uses the GPU with OpenCL. This is an implementation of the HSA technology people were excited about back in the day.

PCMark 10 also shows relatively impressive improvements from pushing up memory performance. Nearly 5% is added to the CPU+GPU score when the memory on the Athlon 3000G is also overclocked.

Cinebench R20

Based on Maxon’s real-world rendering software, Cinema 4D, Cinebench R20 renders a static ray-traced scene on the CPU.

Athlon 3000G Cinebench R20 Benchmarks, Stock and Overclocked. Stock 844, CPU OC 920, CPU+RAM OC 935, CPU+GPU OC 916, All OC 932

Cinebench is conventionally not memory sensitive, and R20 bears this out. Overclocking the core on the Athlon 3000G produced satisfying gains, the memory less so.

HWBOT x265 (1080p)

HWBOT x265 is a popular benchmark among extreme overclockers. It runs an HD video clip through the open source x265 encoder, and returns the average processing speed in FPS.

Athlon 3000G HWBOT x265 1080p Benchmarks, Stock and Overclocked. Scores in FPS. Stock 9.94, CPU OC 10.86, CPU+RAM OC 11.06, CPU+GPU OC 10.75, All OC 11.05

HWBOT x265 doesn’t seem all that memory dependent on the Athlon 3000G, but gains well from the CPU overclock.

7zip with Benchmate

7zip has a built-in benchmark that measures compression and decompression performance. Benchmate, which is mainly verification software for competitive overclocking, provides a convenient wrapper.

Athlon 3000G 7zip Benchmarks, Stock and Overclocked. Scores in MIPS. Stock 14881, CPU OC 15993, CPU+RAM OC 16492, CPU+GPU OC 15840, All OC 16131

7zip benchmark is quite variable but shows a reasonable benefit from CPU overclocks. Memory OC isn’t as important but does show solid gains.

3DMark Fire Strike Physics

According to AMD, Fire Strike Physics represents CPU performance for gaming. Who are we to argue? What it does do is replicate some of the more processor-intensive moments. Fire Strike Physics tests soft-body simulations with the open-source Bullet physics library.

Athlon 3000G Fire Strike Physics Benchmarks, Stock and Overclocked. Stock 5952, CPU OC 6459, CPU+RAM OC 6520, CPU+GPU OC 6280, All OC 6509

Gains from memory OC were minimal, but the CPU overclock scaled well.


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