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Both the ZOTAC GTX 780/780Ti AMP! Editions come packaged inside a relatively large box which has the regular characteristics of a ZOTAC product.  On the front we have a large ZOTAC logo and AMP! Edition branding in the centre which is placed on a mainly black background.  Paying attention to 780Ti box, on the bottom we have information regarding the memory of the 780Ti card (3GB of GDDR5), features like DirectX 11, PhysX support and of course these models are both 3-way SLI capable.

On the rear there is a silhouette type illustration of the graphics card depicted with a black and orange contrast; it would have been nice to have an actual picture of the card as it looks as there is no viewing window with this particular packaging.  At the bottom we also have a list of the contents which includes the accessories which usually come with high end graphics cards.  There is also a mention of ZOTACs Triple Silencer Cooling technology which is ZOTACs way of saying it has implemented a triple fan designed cooler with this model.

Bundled with the 780/780Ti AMP! Edition graphics cards we have the follow accessories:

1 x ZOTAC driver CD
1 x Instruction manual
1 x 2x6pin to 1x8pin adapter
1 x 2xMolex to 8pin adapter
1 x DVI to VGA adapter

Plenty of accessories here but I would have like to see more DVI-HDMI adapters being bundled with high end graphics cards; that is just my opinion though.

Overall, I’d have to say that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing although as I previously mentioned, I would have liked to have seen a viewing window especially with the lack of a proper image of the AMP! Edition card.

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