Intel i7 3770K vs i7 4770K Review


With Intel having released it’s latest processor range (Haswell), which is now on the shelves of most PC component retailers and with many questions on people’s minds such as, what’s the difference in performance?  Is it worth upgrading to Haswell from Ivybridge?  I intend to answer the some of those questions with this short but informative shoot-out review.

Since the rumour mill surrounding Haswell is now over and we can all see what is on offer, I want to show people the major difference in performance between its older generation counterpart, which is the Intel i7 3770k (Ivybridge).  What are the pros and cons? Who will come out on top? Well let’s find out.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of each processor so we get a better idea of what the key differences are…

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