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Audio Quality

When comparing the Audio Quality we have to remember this is a 3W speaker and not something we would find at the club and with that being said it isn’t made to shake the whole house. However, it still offers a good clean and crisp sound even at the highest of volumes there was no real noticeable distortion to the sound. The downdraft is also more than capable of pumping out enough sound to fill a moderately sized room or two.

My only real gripe is not with the quality per say but it is the fact that on the lowest volume the downdraft is still easily heard and I feel it could have done with 1 or maybe even 2 more settings to further lower the volume. The actually quality of the downdraft when on the low setting is still great, just not as quiet as one would expect.


The advertised range of the downdraft held up well during testing. I literally had to set it by my front door and walk out into the back garden but as long as I stayed in a direct line with it, it was fine.  The one thing I did notice however is when breaking the direct line to the downdraft by moving to the side a bit it started to drop the signal a bit. This is to be expected a bit but it also happens even at shorter distances as well. I set the downdraft in the front room and walked out and just around the corner to the hallway which was probably about 3M away and the signal started to drop. This was a bit disappointing but quite common for devices of this size

Battery Life

The battery life was outstanding. Normally when companies rate the battery life off a product they do it on max settings and the downdraft was rated for 6 hours of playback. For my testing I had the downdraft at around 50% volume and it lasted well over 12+hours. Now of course if it was full volume it wouldn’t last as long but I have no doubts in my mind it would hit the advertised 6 hours of playback.


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