Canary Smart Home Security System Review 47

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Manufacturer: Canary
Model: Canary
Price: £159.99 + Subscription (At the time of review)

Home security is always an important issue to us, whether it’s to prevent break-ins, keep an eye on pets or visitors or monitor expensive belongings. With the rise of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), it’s of no surprise that many security products are being integrated with the web to delivery readily available live footage, push notifications alerts and a piece of mind when you leave the house.

Canary is a company that initially came to light when they launched an Indigogo campaign where they raised almost $2 million and sold over 10,000 devices – dubbed, you guessed it, the Canary. What makes the Canary different over the other smart security devices out there is that it is not just a camera, it also features an air quality monitor, a built in alarm and a secure setup system, that prevents unauthorised access.

Check out the video from Canary below:

Let’s take a look

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