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Manufacturer: Arctic 
Model: S111 BT
Price: £24.99 (at time of review)

Arctic is a brand most of us associate with CPU and VGA cooling, with their ever popular Freezer and Accelero lines. Indeed, in 2001 they opened their doors named Arctic Cooling which set the tone for the next 9 years of their product portfolio.

In 2010 however they renamed to simply Arctic as we know them now. Since then they have greatly expanded their offerings and now produce a variety of consumer electronics such as PC power supplies, headphones, USB chargers and power banks, keyboards, mice and various other miscellany such as cables and batteries.

The also produce a growing range of speakers in both wired and wireless form. Today we will be looking at one of the latter, a wireless Bluetooth speaker in the form of the S111 BT. It has an interesting dual enclosure design which is something different in a sea of samey wireless speakers.

Design is not all there is to a speaker however, so does the S111 BT have what it takes to stand out in a crowded market?

More about Arctic…

ARCTIC is a privately-owned company with its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Hong Kong and the USA. ARCTIC contributed significantly to the development of computer cooling

solutions, created a number of patented technologies leading to greater efficiency and remarkable noise reduction. Within the cooling industry ARCTIC is recognized for offering innovative solutions with a fair price tag. Our products are sold in over 45 countries across the globe. 


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