ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Bluetooth Speaker Review 12

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  • Manufacturer: ECOROX
  • Model:  ECOXBT
  • Price: £89.99 (At the time of review)

ECOXGEAR is a manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers that are also waterproof. Their range of speakers that connect via the 3.5mm audio jack encase your phone making sure that it is protected inside a waterproof case, making them the ultimate companion for your next adventure or day at the pool. However, if you would prefer your phone not to be sat inside a waterproof case, their Bluetooth speakers feature an IPX7 waterproof rating which means they can be fully submerged in the water and still work, but wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. Not only do the Bluetooth range feature an IPX7 rating, they also float in the water giving users that extra piece of mind so that they will not have to worry about their speakers getting ruined on their next adventure.

Today I will be taking a look at the ECOXBT Wireless Bluetooth speaker. The ECOXBT, of course, features ECOXGEAR’s standard IPX7 waterproof rating on their products, as well as a 10+ hour battery life and you guessed it, it floats! The ECOXBT comes in 3 colours, red, black and Play3r orange, no not really Play3r orange, but just a normal orange as you will soon see. Giving everything we know about the ECOXBT at this point, and what we saw from the previously reviewed ECOROX speaker, I have quite high expectations and am hoping that they will be met.

ECOXBT Features



Starting off with the box, ECOXGEAR have made sure that we are either aware or will be aware of it’s waterproof rating. On the front of the box is a nice image of the front of the speaker sitting in some water and over on the back is an image of a person kayaking in what looks like some extreme rapids. Running across the bottom on the back are a list of some of the main features the ECOXBT has to offer in a few different languages.


ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_8The ECOXBT is securely packaged inside the box as to ensure it will not be damaged in transit, it also comes wrapped inside a plastic bag to offer further protection.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_2

Inside the box users will find the ECOXBT speaker, a mains plug, and USB lead so they can charge the speaker and make use of it.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_1

The ECOXBT features a design that looks as if both sides are meant to be handles. Looking through the stainless steel speaker grill we can notice a pair of drivers and around the grill is a nice orange plastic border that features a small bit of ECOXGEAR branding at the bottom.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_5

The top of the ECOXBT is where users will find the buttons that will help them control the speaker. On the left are the power and Bluetooth buttons, as well as their LED indicators which are alongside the battery indicator and over on the right side, is where users will find the back/forward button that also double up as volume buttons and the call answer/mute button.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker

On the back of the speaker there is not a whole lot going on at first glance, users will notice the Carabiner clip on the right-hand side and over on the left-hand side is a small strap. Pulling this strap will remove the plastic cap and give users access to the USB input for charging as well as the 3.5mm auxiliary jack so they can connect the ECOXBT directly to their mobile device if they are not concerned about it being fully waterproof at the time.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_6

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_3

The bottom of the speaker is fully covered with a non-slip rubber and even has some feet to make sure that when possible, the ECOXBT can stand up straight and on its own.

ECOROX ECOXBT BLuetooth Speaker_4

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