LIFX Smart LED WiFi Color Lightbulb Review 1

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Manufacturer: LIFX
Model: Color 1000
Price: £59.99 (At the time of review)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly popular with many households, with things like toasters, plug sockets and even door locks appearing in homes across the globe, all connected to the internet and nearly all controllable from your phone. The idea is to make our lives easier and more comfortable, so we can spend the time doing the more important things in life. It’s of no surprise that security and privacy are a huge concern for many, as the devices in some instances, could be hacked for malicious purposes, however this is a discussion for another time.

It’s not everyday that I get asked to take a look at a light bulb, however in this instance I jumped at the opportunity as I have never come across a “smart” bulb before. The LIFX Color 1000 is not your ordinary light bulb, instead it is a full RGB LED light bulb that can be connected to your wireless network, enabling you to control it from wherever you are, using a smartphone app. At 1055 lumens it is equivalent to a 75W traditional filament bulb, but at a massive reduction in energy usage, so it runs at only 11W at 100% brightness, rated A+ by European standards.

Now for the more techy information:


Fitting Type:

  • E26 Edison Screw: US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Central America and South America.
  • E27 Edison Screw: South America and Rest of World
  • B22 Bayonet Cap: Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand

Voltage Range: Universal Voltage – 110V to 240V
Lumens: 1055 lumens (75 equivalent)
Wattage: 11W at full brightness
Product Dimensions [Edison]:

  • Inches: 2.48″ W x 4.53″ H
  • Millimeters: 63mm x 115mm

Product Dimensions [Bayonet]:

  • Inches: 2.48″ W x 4.61″ H
  • Millimeters: 63mm W x 117mm H

Product Weight [Edison]: 8.47 ounces (240 grams)
Product Weight [Bayonet]: 8.57 ounces (243 grams)
Beam Angle: 130 Degrees
Color Temperature: 2,500 K – 9,000 K
Dimming: Software dimming
Expected Lifetime: Up to 22.8 years based on 3 hours usage per day.
Material/Finish: Pearl White
Operating System: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.0+
Warranty: 2-year limited hardware warranty
Wi-Fi Router Requirements:

  • Wi-Fi router must be standard 802.11 b, g or n 2.4Ghz compliant. WPA2 security (highly recommended)

Let’s take a look at this “smart” bulb

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