ResMed S+ Sleep Tracking System Review

ResMed S+ Sleep Tracking System Review 3



Brand: ResMed
Model: S+
Price:  £129.95 (At time of review)

Today I am going to take a look a slightly different product to what we normally review at Play3r – a sleep tracking system, dubbed the ResMed S+. ResMed is a renowned brand in the medical arena, having been founded in 1989 to produce products to aid sleep issues such as sleep apnoea. Now they are breaking into the consumer technology market with the S+, to improve the quality of our sleep by monitoring and tracking how we currently sleep, to then offer suggestions to help improve it.

We all know that a solid night’s sleep is incredibly beneficial to our well-being, so I am interested to test the S+ out, but first, what is the S+, and how does it work? Well, basically it has inbuilt motion sensors that can detect movement in the upper body. Clever algorithms in the software can closely monitor the regularity of your breathing and movement to determine what level of sleep you are in: Awake, Light, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) or Deep. The app assesses your sleep and provides you with a score out of 100. ResMed are so confident in the S+ that they say those with below average scores can increase their amount of quality sleep by 45 minutes after a week using of using it.

For those that have difficulty getting to sleep, or waking up, the ResMed S+ features a “Mind Clear”, “Relax to Sleep” and “Smart Alarm” function via the app, to aid a decent night’s sleep. Before I go into this further, let’s take a look at this interesting device.

ResMed S+ Closer Look

The ResMed S+ comes in a sleek, well packaged box.ResMed S+ Sleep Tracker BoxInside the box you have the S+ sleep tracker, power supply plug, micro USB cable, quick start guides and user manuals.

ResMed S+ Sleep Tracker ContentsThe design of the S+ is very simple, with a metallic looking plastic frame, with non-slip base, and a white block with a concave centre.

ResMed S+ Sleep TrackerAt the top of the white block you have three sensors to aid tracking of movement, monitor light levels and room temperature.

ResMed S+ Sleep Tracker SensorsThe reverse of the S+ is blank except for a micro USB port, which is required to power the device using the supplied PSU. ResMed have been thoughtful enough to include a spare USB port on the plug, so you can charge other devices with it, although it’s only rated at 800mA.

ResMed S+ Sleep Tracker PortSo that’s pretty much the ResMed S+, however to use the sleep monitor, you also need to install the app, so I’ll take a look at that after the jump.

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