Nitro Concepts E200 Gaming Chair Review

Nitro Concepts E200 Gaming Chair Review 15

Introduction & Closer Look


Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Model: E200 Race Gaming Chair Black/Carbon
UK Price: £167.99 @ Overclockers UK (At time of review)
EU Price: €189.90 @ (At time of review)
US Price: N/A

Following on in the footsteps of our previous review of one of Nitro Concept’s gaming chairs, the Nitro Concepts C80, it’s with great pleasure that we have another for scrutiny and testing. Of course, the C80 (click here for the review) did impress us and managed to rack up 2 awards, but what does today’s chair have to offer us? Welcome to our review of the Nitro Concepts E200 gaming chair.

The E200 has many notable features including moulded plastic armrests, a class 4 safety gas lift and this particular model supports users up to a maximum of 120KG; for those who measure with imperial metrics, 120KG equates to just under 19 stone.

Inside the box, all the usual suspects were present. This includes the seat base, the castors, the seat base, the seat back and of course, all the nuts and bolts required to assemble the chair together; a well laid out instructional sheet is also included.




The covering of the E200 from Nitro Concepts is made from PU leather or polyurethane for those who want the technical name used. This is usually called faux leather and unless you’re willing to spend triple the price of this chair for real leather; it’s the next best thing. This particular model features an all-black design.



At the top of the chair, we have the Nitro Concepts logo in all white with a black flame coming from the I. This not only looks good, but it’s very simplistic and I like it.


Let’s get the chair built then shall we, but first, the specifications…

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