Over-Board are a company that specialises in all things waterproof, from bags to phone cases and even headphones. If you are looking to keep your gadgets free from water, dust, dirt and sand, then look no further than the products from Over-Board, they have a wide variety, so whatever are your chosen outdoor pursuits, then Over-board have what you need.  In saying that are they worth the money? Do they really work? Or is it marketing hype gone crazy?

Today I’m going to be looking at the Over-Board waterproof iPhone case,  first here’s the specifications…

  • 100% waterproof phone case. (Class 5)
  • Compatible with all iPhones, Blackberry phones and HTC Desires.
  • Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m.
  • LENZFLEX back window for ultra-clear photos.
  • Transparent front window allowing full use of phone features.
  • Make & take phone calls when phone is sealed in case.
  • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water.
  • Made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane. (TPU)
  • Perfect for iPhones and similar-sized or smaller phones.
  • Included in box: neck lanyard, carabiner and desiccant sachet.

Now lets move onto the packaging…

As you can see the case is clear plastic and clearly states the name of the product; in this case it is an Over-Board waterproof iPhone case.

The back of the case gives you some of what the cases specifications are, what’s included in the box, the dimensions and also it is in documented in 4 different languages.

What’s in the box: Black waterproof iPhone case, carabiner clip, neck Lanyard, desiccant Sachet, instructions /care guide

As you can see, inside the case itself is my iPhone 4 which I used to demonstrate the case.  At the top we have the sealing/locking mechanism which keeps water from entering the case.  This is a very easy to use locking device and doesn’t feel like it would fail any time in the near future.

On the rear the case, it has a matte black finish with the Over-Board logo present on the right hand side.  The design is something I like, simple and effective.

The outdoors has a nasty habit of being wet, windy, muddy and sandy, but many people like to take there gadgets, such as iPhones, along with them and thus they have become an essential kit for many people when enjoying outdoor pursuits. So this is where the Over-Board waterproof iPhone case comes in handy, it keeps your phone clean and dry, leaving you to enjoy your chosen outdoor activity without the hassle of worrying if it’s going to get wet or dirty and stop working just at that moment when you need it.  Whether it be while underwater, to take that all important photo or whilst running listening to your favourite music, the case should perform just like it says on the box.

I’m going to test how durable it is and see if it does exactly what it says.  I filled a plastic tub with water and dropped the case with the iPhone inside, into the water and submerged it.  Then I retrieved my iPhone and it was dry, no water got in whatsoever.

Here is the photo I took while the iPhone was submerged under water:


My final verdict on the Over-Board waterproof iPhone case is that it’s very tough and versatile.  A must for anyone who loves being outdoors, it’s great for those people that are in touch with their passion for outdoor pursuits.

Once your iPhone or any other similar device is safely tucked inside the waterproof iPhone case, it is most definitely and in my opinion, safe from water/sand/dirt/dust. It is an inventive little pouch that incorporates all the things that’s needed for people with an adventurous side.

After doing my simulation tests using a plastic tub filled with water, I found that the over-board iPhone case does exactly what it says.  It’s fully water/dirt/dust proof as my tests have shown and the Over-Board iPhone waterproof case fits most smart phones including the Nokia Lumia, Blackberry and even HTC phones.

Now is it good value for money?  The answer is yes in my opinion as the £17.49 it costs is not a lot to pay considering what you would have to pay to replace your iPhone or other such device if it got wet or dirty.  So it gets big thumbs up from me and I would recommend this case to anyone.

Thanks again to OverBoard for the review sample.

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