Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary 1866MHz Review


Brand: Kingston
Model: HyperX 10th Anniversary
RRP: ~£50 (At time of review)

Kingston are a brand which anyone will instantly associate with RAM, SSDs and other forums of storage such as MicroSD cards and so on. Since their formation in 1987, they have created many different products which were backed with superb reliability and warranty schemes. They’ve built up a solid consumer base and they are also offering more products than ever before. Kingston provide RAM (and many other solutions such as SSDs etc.) kits from the budgetary ranges and all the way through to the high-end kits.

Today, I am going to be taking a look at the HyperX 10th Anniversary kit. It’s a kit to celebrate the 10th year of “killer performance with a sleek silver heatspreader”. The kit which I have on my test bench happens to be of the 1866MHz variety which runs at 9-11-9 timings at 1.65 volts. It’s not the highest clocked kit, or the tightest timings kit either and the voltages are perhaps a little high. However, will it be a killer performer or is it just another average RAM kit? There’s only one real way to find out; so let’s chuck it into the test system, shall we?


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