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After an extremely busy year, I was planning on having a break over the Christmas period, and doing no Play3r work whatsoever… that was until I got a call just before the start of the holidays. “Do I want to take a look at a top-secret new product, before any news of it has been broken to the public?” was the question… Hell yeah! “It will arrive in between Christmas & New Year and needs to be returned within a few days” was the kicker!
I introduce to you, the WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory kit from Thermaltake!

Thermaltake WaterRam 5

Thermaltake WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory Features

  • 2-way heat dissipation: Liquid Cooling or Heatsinks Convection Cooling
  • TT RGB PLUS software & motherboard RGB software enabled
  • Smart digital lighting controller with built-in 32Bit MCU
  • Copper-based LED water block
  • Exceptionally engineered 2mm thickness aluminium heatsinks with thermal pads
  • High speeds & low latencies
  • Carefully screened Hynix C-die ICs
  • Support the latest Intel DDR4 motherboards & Intel XMP 2.0

Thermaltake WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory Closer Look

So, as mentioned above, I have had literally a couple of days hands-on time with this pre-production kit. In order to at least give some real-world pics, rather than marketing pics supplied by Tt, I set the kit up in stand-alone heatsink convection cooling mode.

The kit I got to play with came with four 8GB sticks of RAM, but a 16GB kit will also be available. The RAM itself boasted speeds of 3200MHz, CL16 latencies, and is clad with 2mm aluminium heatsinks, with thermal pads sandwiched in between.

Thermaltake WaterRam 0

The water block is then bolted directly on top of the bank of RAM when installing on the motherboard, using the small Allen bolts that come supplied. The water block itself has a high water flow design, featuring standard G1/4” threads. The base of the unit resting on the aluminium clad RAM sticks features a CNC machined copper base, with anti-corrosive nickel plating.

Thermaltake WaterRam 3

The stats provided by Thermaltake claim that when cooled with water, a 37% increase in cooling can be attained over natural convection cooling. I personally didn’t have time to ratify these figures, but it’s a pretty impressive claim if proved to be true.

Thermaltake WaterRam 2

The water block itself has also been designed to integrate seamlessly into Thermaltake’s RGB Plus software, thanks to the RGB LEDs embedded within the water block itself. At the time of writing, the WaterRam was hidden from the software (it wouldn’t be much of a secret if everyone who had the software could see it), but we are promised over 20 pre-set light modes, as well as the opportunity to synchronise your full system. Moreover, it has been designed to be compatible with all the major motherboard vendors lighting, as well as Razer Chroma and Amazon Alexa.

Thermaltake WaterRam 1

Pricing details in the UK for each of the kits have been confirmed as follows:

  • 16GB kit with water-block: £229.99
  • 32GB kit with water-block: £399.99

Thermaltake WaterRam 4

Thanks to Thermaltake for sending a pre-production sample of the WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory in for us to see.

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