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The packaging is a simple square box, with the well known CAT Logo and using the bold yellow colour we associate with the brand, off sets the black logo quite nicely.  We also have an image of the product itself.



Inside the box we have all we need to get started using the B15, headphones, USB cable and charger, as well as a B15 shaped manual.

Here is the B15 screen once it has been turned on, we are greeted with the CAT logo as well as the model of the smartphone.

This is where the phones charging/USB connection is located.  Covered by a rubber cap which is fixed to the casing of the phone.

As you can see you can simply peal the rubber cover to reveal the USB/charging port.

Here we see the phone with it’s back cover and battery removed.

Unlike most smartphones the B15 has the ability to use two SIM cards. Below is the location where afformentioned SIM cards are fitted.

This is back of the B15 itself, to be sure we know who developed this smartphone, CAT have also emblazoned their logo on the back too.


Having taken a good look at the B15, lets see how well it performs in our testing.


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