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The performance values seen in the benchmark results clearly show that the B15 is lacking in processing power, but that does not mean that this is a bad smartphone, it’s design is clearly aimed at a specific market and in my opinion it is well suited to that market.  Personally having used various smartphones over the years and having come close to damaging them, even when I did use a case to protect it from being dropped.  It is nice to see that the B15 is designed so that it does not require that additional protection.  Bulkier than your regular smartphone, it is designed with its own protection in mind. Not only that, this isn’t a normal high street smartphone.  CAT are well known within the building industry for their well made PPE clothing and work wear and that is the market that they are aiming the B15 at, not at the regular consumers who have the latest smartphone as an accessory.

Having worked within the building industry in the past I can see the benefits of having the B15 in my pocket instead of a regular smartphone,  whilst I have always been careful with my own mobile devices I know plenty of people who have bought a mobile device only for it to get damaged or broken whilst at work.  This of course pains not only the user, as their new device is now unusable, it also adds additional cost if the device is not covered by insurance.

I don’t doubt that if, like many mobile devices, the B15 is dropped from a great height or ran over by machinery on site it is unlikely to survive. However, during regular day to day usage it would survive much better than most smartphones on the market.  The CAT B15 is a unique product designed for a specific market, and is unlikely to be sold on the high street, coming from CAT I can understand why they have chosen to design and create a product like the B15.

Along with the B15’s ability to run the applications I detailed in the performance section, as well as excellent call quality, the B15 is an all round excellent smartphone.  It is unique device which caters  for a specific market and for that I am going to give it our Design Award, innovative as well as functional, the B15 is well suited for it’s intended market.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The Cat B15 is an unique smartphone designed for a specific consumer market, whilst not the greatest performer in our benchmark scoring it is most definitely a product well suited to survive the building site.

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