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Introduction & Closer Look

Manufacturer: Phillips
Model: 272G5DYEB
UK Price: £341.90 @ Amazon UK (At time of review)
US Price: $549.99 @ Amazon US (At time of review)

When purchasing a monitor, what’s the key feature about one which makes you drop your hard earned wonga? Is it the resolution? The screen size? The refresh rate? There are now so many factors to consider when buying a new monitor, but the most common difference which splits people down the middle is between IPS and TN.

Most people believe IPS to be highly superior in terms of colour gamut, picture quality and viewing angle, but sometimes it’s not always as straight forward for gamers. Most IPS panels come with a 60Hz refresh rate and pretty high response times making them a haven for ghosting during gaming, which is certainly not a good thing. This is where TN takes the battle to a new level for the concerning gamer with high end setups and gaming rigs…

The Phillips 272G5DYEB is a 27” TN panel with a 1920x1080p resolution which might not make you scream from the rooftops, but it’s still the most commonly used resolution for gaming, despite what 4K marketing might exist on the internet. Hailing from the “Brilliance” range, Phillips has included a hefty 144 Hz refresh rate to satisfy the most hard core of gamer, but in addition to this, NVIDIA G-Sync support. Also present is a blistering 1ms response time, which on paper surely puts this monitor on the upper end of the TN scale, but is that enough to warrant a purchase?

Upon first glance of the Phillips 272G5DYEB, as you can see it’s a 27” widescreen monitor with a subtle black design, with a striking bar across the bottom with the Phillips logo which gives a nice premium contrasted finish. Unlike most monitors on the market, the menu/OSD buttons are actually touch activated and not situated on the underside of the monitor; we love touch technology and it’s nice to see it being implemented across a variety of products these days.

Phillips 4

Phillips 6

At the rear, it’s a basic design, but who looks at the back of a monitor anyway!?! It’s all black with a wide array of rear mounted features. Firstly, the monitor has a push and click mounting system which is very easy to use.

Phillips 7

Phillips 10

Another interesting feature is a 4 port USB 3.0 hub which takes up 1 x USB 3.0 (or USB 2.0) port on your motherboard, but the extra ports could be a lifesaver if you are like me; I have used ALL the ports on my ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, so the extra ports can come in handy depending how much USB real estate you use on your system.

Phillips 8

If you are a stickler for monitor with lots of connectivity, then this might not be for you, but it does have a Display Port connector which is probably the most sought after currently as all modern graphics cards feature either a full size, or mini which can be converted with an adapter. It’s nice to see a monitor dropping all VGA support as we delve further into the digital age.

Phillips 9

So now we can see what we are dealing with, let’s take a look at the specifications and then see how this high spec 1080p 27” monitor performs…

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