In 1986, mainstream computing was nothing like it was today, generally only the rich and those who worked with computers had them.  One of the companies that brought the computer to not only the homes of millions, but also business and commercial industries alike, was MSI or Micro-Star International, one of the leading companies, paving the way for many others to follow in their footsteps.

With a huge range of products produced from their factories from Graphics cards, motherboards and even their latest gaming keyboards, they have been one of the major IT companies of the past 30+years.  With customer satisfaction and innovation 2 of their primary goals, we have seen such premier products such as the Lightning series graphics cards and the Big Bang themed motherboards.

Well today on my test bench is one that actually originated from the Big Bang series. It is the MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX, which is produced for Intel’s latest chipset, on the LGA1150 platform.  How will the Z87 MPOWER build on the reputation of the last MPOWER, the Z77 MPOWER?  Will it compliment the power of the Haswell i7 4770k?  Will it sink or swim in a hugely populated market?  Only one way to find out, so let’s get going, starting with the specifications…

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