TP-Link AV600 3-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapter Review

[section_title title=Introduction]Introduction

For those of you that do not know; Powerline Adapters are a good way to get your internet signal from one room to another without having to run cables through the whole house or use WiFi. To use the adapters you just plug one into your wall and run and Ethernet cable directly from your modem to the adapter. You would then plug the 2nd one into the room of your choosing and run the Ethernet cable from the adapter to your desired device. The internet signal is then carried through your existing electrical wiring from the main adapter to the other(s)

Today we will be taking a look at the TP-Link AV600 Gigabit Powerline Adapters. One of the unique features here is that each adapter has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This will prove to be very beneficial for most as it will allow you to connect multiple devices to the internet through the adapters.

What TP Link says about the AV600:
TP-LINK AV600 3-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapter TL-PA6030 turns your existing electrical circuitry into a high speed network with no need for new wires or drilling. No configuration is required, simply plug your adapters into your power sockets to establish networking infrastructure in a flash. With speeds of up to 600Mbps, TL-PA6030 can transmit multiple HD streams and even 3D movies to every room, making it a great choice for an easy to build multimedia entertainment network


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