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First let’s take a look at the design of the TP-Link AV600 3-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapters. They have a very simple design and while this will most likely not be the main concern when purchasing a product such as these it is still nice to see.  The white gloss with minimal branding is sure not to be too much of an eye sore and other than that, the only other thing on the front that will be noticeable is the LED indicators.

Performance was unfortunately not great in my testing, though it was better than the WiFi in most cases. I feel this could be in part due to old wiring in my residence which may or may not be the case for a lot of others. Either way; the performance was no worse than my WiFi at any time and I have a good feeling if you were in a multi-floor house these adapters would surely prove to offer a better connection over WiFi.

I feel the TP-Link AV600 3-Port powerline adapters would be a good purchase if you were interested in this type of product. Being able to connect each adapter to up-to 3 devices is sure to come in handy and will reduce interference due to having multiple devices connected via WiFi, which should ultimately help make sure you are receiving the best speeds possible. However, in my current situation the price is not justified by the performance; this is something you will seriously need to consider before purchasing these. If I had more devices requiring ethernet LAN connections I am sure the AV600 adapters would have proven to be more beneficial. Besides that, the overall performance wasn’t great and while that may be down to the wiring in my residence this is still something to consider.

Taking everything into consideration; including my own findings and what I have read online, I would like to give the TP-Link AV600 3-Port Gigabite Powerline Adapter our silver award. The inclusion of the Gigabit ports that support up-to 600Mbps are a nice feature and at the end of the day the AV600 did out perform my WiFi connection where it mattered.

I would like to thank TP-Link for sending me the AV600 for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

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Overall the Av600 Powerline Adapters did out perform my WiFi where it mattered. However you will want to consider how good the wiring in your residence is as well as how many devices you will be looking to connect to the adapters. Boasting 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, these are sure to come in handy if you want to connect multiple devices in a room that is different from where your modem is connected.

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