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The design of the packaging is quite calm and relaxed and gives it a kind of homey feeling. I feel the green gradient is quite welcoming and if nothing else attracts just enough attention to spark curiosity to see what is in the box. The Front of the box of course has images of the AV600 3-Port Adapters and gives us a bit of information as to what they are capable off.

AV600 Packaging Front

The Rear of the box goes into a bit more detail; including a brief description of what the powerline adapters do, specifications for the AV600 and other models and an image to help you further understand just how they work.

AV600 Packaging Bottom

The sides of the box offer further information. On one side we see a small diagram of how to plug the AV600 powerline adapters in and get them working while on the other side we see the proper detailed specifications list.

AV600 Packaging Sides

On the bottom of the box we find a list of package contents and very basic description of specifications in a few different languages.

 AV600 Packaging Bottom

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