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Now lets take a closer look at the headset.


The first thing you notice is that the headset it is of the increasingly popular suspended headband design, which promises greater comfort than a conventional headband design. You can also see that we have some big chunky ear cups, which is understandable given the fact that they are hiding the Cerberus’ monster 60mm drivers.

You will also note that there is quite a decent amount of padding on the ear cups, whilst not the softest padding I have come across it is still fairly plush for a more entry level headset.

closer top

Taking a look from the top we can get a closer look at the faux leather headband and also the soft touch plastic loops that house the cables and provide a frame for the headset in the absence of a traditional headband.

We also have a better view of the pleather ear cups here and we can also see the nice red stripes that are a subtle hint to the signature red and black ASUS colour scheme.

closer side

Moving down we have a side profile of the headset, here we can see the oversize ear cups again. We can also see the plastic sections that hold the headset together. Sporting a subtle ASUS logo, the plastic frame sections look quite chunky in the pictures but in the flesh the headset is reasonably streamlined and because of the elasticated headband when you take it off the headset reduces to quite a small size.

closer headset cable

Lastly for the headset itself we have a good look at the cable. Here we can see the inline control/mic with its clip on the back. You will also notice the braided cable which is always a nice touch and the quality of the braid is exactly the same as on my ASUS Orion headset, which costs nearly 50% more. We also have a gold plated connector which is always nice to see.

closer accs

Finishing our closer look at the Cerberus we have the included accessories. From left to right we have: the alternative adapter cable, our detachable microphone and the to 2-1 audio/mic splitter for connecting the headset to your PC. Again the cables are braided and the connectors gold plated which is great to see.

I think having the cables set out like this is a well thought out way to do the mobile/PC hybrid headset as unlike some designs where you end up with the cable being too long to use on the go and too short to plug into your PC, the Cerberus’ cable options work perfectly for both uses.

So, overall I’m impressed with the Cerberus, for a ¬£42 headset, the quality feels pretty good in hand and while there is flex in them its due to the suspended design not a lack of quality.


Next up lets see if the performance matches the looks…


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