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Well, going into the review I was a bit apprehensive; I was expecting a muffled head cannon, but how do I feel now?

Starting with the aesthetics and I think ASUS have done pretty well here. All the plastic is matte black which is good to see and the red stripes on the ear cups tie in nicely to the red/black theme without being too much. The suspended headband design is a bit function over form for me as I prefer the look of a traditional headset, but with that said the faux leather finish makes the headband look and feel a good quality so I cant complain there.

Moving on to performance and if its bass you are after the Cerberus does not disappoint. It is a touch muffled out the box but with some EQ tweaks I got to the point where I was more than happy with the sound, considering the price point. The microphone also works reasonably well, although the background amplification buzz is a slight annoyance. Overall though, you get a lot of performance for you money with the Cerberus.

Finally, and most importantly, is the Cerberus good value? My answer would be a resounding yes, for £42 the Cerberus is great value considering the comfort, features and performance present. For those who really want a bass heavy headset like this there isn’t really much that competes with the Cerberus in this price range.

So, in conclusion I’m impressed with the Cerberus. My only minor complaints are I wouldn’t mind a slightly lower clamp pressure and that the background noise on the mic is a tad annoying, all in all though for the money the Cerberus is pretty spot on.

I happily award the ASUS Cerberus both a Silver award for its performance and a Value award for its price point.


I would like to say a big thank you to ebuyer for providing us with today’s sample, if you like what you see you can buy the Cerberus HERE.



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