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Introduction & Closer Look

ASUS have released quite a few new peripherals this year under the Republic of Gamers brand, and here at Play3r we have been impressed with just about everything they have thrown at us. Today, another new product…an extended gaming mouse pad.

ROG Scabbard Box

Calling the Scabbard a mouse “pad” is doing it a disservice to be honest, with this thing coming in at a generous size of 90cm wide, and 40cm deep. It isn’t the biggest on the market, but its dimensions mean that it’s easily big enough to accommodate any keyboard on the market, and still allow a huge amount of mouse surface for even the most enthusiastic player’s movements.

ROG Scabbard Cordura

What sets the Scabbard apart from the other gaming mats on the market, is that the surface is made up of Cordura Lite fabric. This branded material provides lightweight durable performance, and is widely used in a number of market segments, including clothing & footwear. It promises enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, as well as being resistant to liquids…all qualities ideally suited for a gaming surface.

ROG Scabbard Logo

To ensure the Scabbard stays in your preferred position on the desk, the whole surface is backed with a non-slip “ROG red” rubber base. In reality, this could have been any colour, given that you will never see it during operation.

ASUS have resisted the temptation to clutter the design of the Scabbard with huge graphics, and instead have opted for just a couple of subtle design elements. To the top left of the Scabbard, we get the iconic Republic of Gamers logo.

ROG Scabbard Glow

The top right of the mouse mat features the product name, which is badged as being “glow in the dark”! In reality, this is a bit of a gimmick, as mine certainly doesn’t glow. Perhaps it does when it is pitch black, with no other lights on…but that’s no real benefit to the end user!

Specifications & Features

  • Width: 900mm
  • Depth: 400mm
  • Height: 2mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Large mouse pad designed for vertical orientation
  • Splash-proof surface
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Glow-in-the-dark lettering
  • Coloured rubber non-slip base
  • Anti-fray stitched edges

Performance & Testing

General Use

Using the Scabbard for everyday uses, I found it more than capable to meet my needs. Navigating Windows applications and editing the pictures you see in this review, were all handled with ease. The tracking of the mouse sensor was extremely accurate, and it performed how I expected it to.


During gameplay, this is where the Scabbard (and the Cordura fabric in particular), really came into its own. The weave of Cordura textile gives the surface a slight sheen, which in turn means that the mouse glides across it effortlessly.

Prior to testing the Scabbard, I had been using a much softer cloth surface. I had been perfectly happy using this to be honest, but using the Scabbard has highlighted just how much drag the softer matt surface had been giving me. This was particularly evident whilst playing PUBG, where mouse movements required much less effort. I solely put my poor performances in PUBG to date down to my old gaming surface, and clearly has nothing to do with my skill level!!!



I was hugely impressed with the Scabbard’s performance, and I’m a huge fan of using the Cordura fabric on a gaming surface. Mouse tracking was faultless, and the fact that it’s also water resistant is a huge bonus. Any liquid that is spilt onto the Cordura just sits there, and when cleaned off, leaves no residue and shows no after effects of the spill.

ROG Scabbard spill


The design is understated but looks really good in my opinion. The “glow in the dark” lettering seems to be a bit of a gimmick, but I’m willing to overlook that. Only long-term usage will decide how the Scabbard fares, but I’m confident with the time I’ve spent with it so far, that the Scabbard will remain looking good for a long time to come.


The Scabbard isn’t cheap, retailing at a shade under £40 in the UK at the time of the review. Using a trademarked brand such as Cordura has no doubt had an impact on the price, but it’s one I think is worth the premium price tag. I have bought a cheap large desk pad in the past, which in just a few weeks has shown stains, and the surface texture became snagged and pulled. If the Scabbard proves to be a long-term investment, then the price will be worth it.

Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed using the ASUS ROG Scabbard, and was surprised at the difference it offered over my previous gaming surface (which for the record is quite a premium also). I’ve decided to keep the Scabbard as my daily driver I like it that much, and it will also let me give it a long-term test in the process. Until I’m proved otherwise, I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone in the market for a new mouse pad. Therefore, it deservedly gets the Play3r Gold Award.


Huge thanks to ASUS for sending the ROG Scabbard in for review.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Cordura fabric is a fantastic choice for a gaming surface
– Great size
– Nice understated graphics


– Price isn’t cheap
– Glow in the dark lettering is a bit of a gimmick

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  1. Is this meant to be a successor of the ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad or just a different mat?
    What are your thoughts comparing the two of them?
    I’m on the market looking for a good option, besides these two there are more that I’m looking:
    1. Razer Goliathus –
    2. Combatwing Legend –
    3. PRONOD Witcher –
    From your experience which would be the winner here? And why?

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