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Hello there, back from my holidays and I have a package waiting for me, here’s the first review and it’s a wireless mouse from Cherry – the MW8 Advanced Wireless mouse.

Cherry have been around for decades, they are mostly renowned for their keyboard mechanical switches which have been the industry standard for everyone to follow. They also do lines of other peripherals often with a quality value appeal.

So without further embellishment let’s get started with the MW8 Advanced wireless mouse and see what Cherry brings to the table in this neat little package.

Cherry MW8 Advanced Wireless Mouse Specifications & Features

  • Scanning: Optical
  • Resolution: 600/1000/1600/3200 dpi (adjustable)
  • Sensor: PixArt PAW3805EK, Track on Glass
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function
  • Design: Symmetrical
Packaging dimensions

86 x 112 x 50 mm

Dimensions (product)

99 x 62.5 x 33.5 mm

Delivery volume
  • Mouse
  • USB-Receiver
  • Transport pouch
  • USB charger cable
  • Manual
For connection using Bluetooth®: Compatible device with Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher 
For connection using USB: Free USB port, Windows 7, 8 or 10

Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C

Storage temperature
-15°C to 60°C

Total weight (with packaging)
160 g

Weight (product)
92 g


Wireless 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth

Cherry MW8 Advanced Wireless Mouse Closer Look

Cherry MW8 Advanced Box Top

Presented in a very neat little box, the top is simple with only an image of the mouse and USB wireless adapter shown in a glossy photo print.

Cherry MW8 Advanced Box bottom

On the other side we get the name and description along with specs listed in various languages. No real marketing on this box.

Cherry MW8 Advanced Box contents

Extracting the contents of the box I am very pleased to announce there was no excess packaging at all, no plastic bubbles or cellophane, and as we can see the portability of the MW8 is further enhanced with a neat felt pouch to carry it around in. We also get a user manual and the all important charging cable.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse Top

Well this is a very impressive looking mouse, while a little small for my tastes this is a very portable unit and is almost perfectly ambidextrous, only missing forward and back buttons on the right hand side. The top shell is actually brushed aluminium, giving the mouse a little cold but very premium feel. The scroll wheel has a thin but textured tyre, behind that there’s the charging indicator and DPI selection button, the top is framed in a shiny metal edging adding to a quality feel.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse left

Around the left hand side we have a pair of very well placed metal effect forward and back buttons, the rubbery grip has an indentation to ensure your thumb sits under the buttons and doesn’t interfere, this makes for quite a comfortable grip.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse right

Dropping a couple of points on the right hand side because I would have liked to see buttons for those left handers out there, the rubberised grip is repeated and gives the whole mouse a premium look and feel. We can see the arch of the back lends itself to both palm and claw grips for an all-round appeal.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse front

Looking to the front we can see the charging port using a micro-usb connector enabling the use of many charging cables, this will not create a wired connection to a PC however and is solely for charging.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse rear

Checking the rear of the mouse we can see the cherry logo, but there’s not much going on here and definitely no RGB or other lighting which would reduce the run-time of the battery.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse underside

Underneath the mouse there are some points to note, at the bottom there is a magnetic repository for the USB dongle which is great for traveling. Above that there is a sync button along with a switch for BT RF and Off, I do like a wireless mouse with an off switch, so often those are missing and batteries can drain when in a bag. The mid mounted sensor which can track on glass has the mouse part label above it, Teflon glide pads are quite thin but adorn the length of the mouse on both sides, there is nothing to impede smooth movement.

Cherry MW8 Advanced mouse plugged in

Finally I have the mouse plugged in and charging ready for testing, it really does look like a premium product.

The Cherry MW8 Advanced Wireless Mouse Review: The Verdict

Cherry have provided an exquisite looking mouse with the MW8 Advanced. The build quality is solid, even though the materials are lightweight the use of aluminium really gives an impression of a premium product. The mouse is comfortable if a little small for my tastes, the buttons have a satisfying click and moving the mouse around is smooth.

Desktop Use:

Day to day desktop tasks are quite easily done with this mouse, the sensor is accurate whether cropping images and dropping the DPI for more controlled movement does help with detailed work. The scroll wheel steps an equal amount for each notch, it would have been great for the wheel to have a tyre with ridges that matched the notches, but that’s just quibbling.

Gaming Use:

The MW8 Advanced’s body is little small for my gaming needs, however the sensor is accurate and the available DPI settings can give a fairly decent experience, but they are not adjustable so the mouse would lend itself to more casual gaming. I do see this as more of a mobile mouse than a desktop unit.

What’s hot:

  • Exquisite design and build
  • Great sensor
  • Quite well priced

What’s not:

  • No forward and back buttons for left handers
  • Quite small for some users
  • Non adjustable DPI for gamers

The MW8 Advanced is a beautiful and professional looking portable wireless and rechargeable mouse with features that the majority of users will find appealing. It’s available at the time of writing from around £35 so it’s a great and inexpensive upgrade from a standard wireless mouse. The materials used have a premium feel and the device has pretty quick charging and a decent battery lifespan, it can also be used while charging. I am very pleased with the packaging used for this product, Cherry have ensured only essential packaging is included with no plastic waste and have added a pouch for future transportation and to help keep the mouse clean and scratch free. I am very happy to award the MW8 Advanced not only our Design Award for it’s exquisite build but also our Gold Award for an almost perfect portable solution at a reasonable price.

mw8 design awardmw8 gold award

Thanks to Cherry for sending a sample of the MW8 Advanced Wireless Mouse in for review.

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cherry-mw8-advanced-wireless-mouse-reviewAn exquisite well built mouse from Cherry, the MW8 Advanced is a portable gem including Bluetooth and RF connectivity along with a rechargeable battery. While a little small this mouse looks professional and performs desktop tasks with ease, it does lack proper ambidextrous setup and isn't capable of being finely tweaked for gaming, it is however a very solid offering and highly recommended.

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