Corsair Lapdog Gaming Control Center Review 14

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Manufacturer: Corsair
Model: Lapdog
US Price: $119.99 (at the time of review)
UK Price: Approx £110 on release with various bundles available.

Corsair is a brand well known for their feature-rich and quality PC components and peripherals, not to mention the exclusive and innovative products that continuously push the boundaries in both PC hardware and gaming. Today I will be taking a look at a totally different product than you would expect from Corsair: a portable gaming control center dubbed the “Lapdog”. The Lapdog is essentially a mobile platform, which enables you to integrate your existing Corsair keyboard and any USB mouse, into a single unit, which in turn grants you the ability to game from your sofa on your HDTV (or even UHDTV). It includes a long cable, so you can game from the comfort of your couch, without having to shell out for expensive wireless gear. For the full feature list, see below…


  • Designed for Corsair K70/K65 series keyboards – compatible with award winning mechanical gaming keyboards.
  • Large 11” x 11” mouse pad area – optimized size, superior control and speed for your mouse movements.
  • Removable memory foam lap cushion – for the longest game sessions in comfort.
  • Built-in powered 4-port USB 3.0 hub – all your gaming gear and other USB devices connected where you are.
  • Durable aluminum surface – modern look and feel for premium gaming experience.
  • Dedicated cable compartment – out of sight superior cable management for keyboard and mouse.
  • USB fast-charging support – charge your smartphone or tablet quickly and have it handy.

Read on as we take a more detailed look…

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