Corsair VOID Gaming Headset Range Review 21

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Manufacturer: Corsair Gaming
Model: VOID Stereo/VOID USB 7.1 RGB/VOID Wireless 7.1 RGB
Pricing: See below

Corsair VOID Stereo – UK: £54.99 @ Amazon UK
Corsair VOID Stereo – US: $69.99 @
Corsair VOID USB 7.1 RGB – UK: £59.99 @ Amazon UK
Corsair VOID USB 7.1 RGB – US: $99.99 @
Corsair VOID Wireless RGB – UK: £86.99 @ Amazon UK
Corsair VOID Wireless RGB – US: $129.99 @

One of the biggest brands to grace the computer world or as considered the #pcmasterrace, are Corsair.  Corsair had a little shake up not so long ago between their main brand and their peripherals and hammered out the concept of Corsair Gaming; a top peripheral brand (they already were)!  More widely famed for their incredible memory range and more recently, their case range, it’s time for their peripherals to shine and Corsair aim to fill a VOID… see what I did there?

Corsair VOID Box

Say hello to the Corsair VOID headset range which features 3 distinctive models; the VOID Stereo, The VOID USB 7.1 and the VOID Wireless 7.1 gaming headsets.  Each of the 3 headsets has their own purpose and it shows the versatility of Corsairs catalogue.  Only 2 of them however have RGB capability due to being powered, I am of course talking about the VOID USB and VOID Wireless.  This means the VOID Stereo is the runt of the 3, but not everyone has USB real estate to play with and of course, those using a dedicated soundcard are going to want to use their 3.5mm jacks to deliver some eargasmic sound quality.

Today’s review is split up into 3 separate reviews within one, one review to rule them all!  Starting first of all with the VOID Stereo…

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