So I’m getting to wrap my mitts around another of the LBATS Gaming mice, this time the X8 variant which from the starting line is actually pleasantly surprising in feel and quality compared to the previous mouse. It’s super sleek and smooth compared to my previous outing which makes a nice change, the X8 has a very casual feel to it which is different. So let’s get into it and see what the X8 is all about and if it will do the job for you.


The lightweight aluminium chassis and ergonomic design enhance the gaming mouse’s rigidity and give a perfect hand feel, which will provide gamers with the most comfortable gaming experience. The X8 mouse features 9 programmable buttons, convenient for you to take control of your games like LOL or Dota. The high precision 4000 DPI sensor and 4 modes custom dpi setting with 4 customised colours LED light indicator to create a cool gaming atmosphere. The X8 comes with wide compatibility with computers using plug and play USB.

  • Brand: LBATS (Lightning Bats).
  • LED light: RGB (can be turned off).
  • Operating Voltage: 5V.
  • Operating Current: 100MA.
  • System Requirement: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10, free USB (1.1/2.0) port, CD-ROM driver.
  • Acceleration: 30G.
  • DPI: Adjustable DPI, Max. 4000DPI.
  • Mouse cable length: Approx. 1.8m/5.9ft

Closer Look

So upon closer inspection of the X8 mouse, it also features the same metal chassis as the LBATS X7, which I have grown to like as it not only adds some substance to what could have been a flimsy plastic mouse but also rigidity. The X8 actually features some additional weights for that everyone to get that perfect balance, for my setup, I have opted to keep them in as without them the mouse feels just a bit too light for my liking. I’m a bit of a fan of the very subtle lighting effects used on this mouse as well, sadly not as colourful as the X7 but that’s where the charm is as it isn’t blaring disco time under your hand. The mouse features a black accent down the centre and has a nice clear section that pulses with light for a nice effect.

The button layout is much more preferable on the X8, comparing to the X7 mouse I looked at last time, with the usual back and forward buttons being on the left-hand side for easy thumb access, DPI up and down buttons on top and an extra button on the left. The good news with these buttons is they are all digitally and physically labelled to help distinguish each one and this will help when setting up macros, which we will see how to do later on. The mouse has been finished in what looks to be a glossy or metallic finish with a nice black stripe accent down the middle, this portion of the mouse as well as a little through the sides, is where the RGB lighting portion resides and its a decent brightness too so you can actully see it shining through the LBATS logo.

The lower rear area does feature a quite pleasant chrome piping piece which helps break up the black and silver colour scheme used. Each side of the mouse also has nice black segments that are actually textured to give that little bit of extra grip when playing away, I’d have liked these to feature rubberised grip instead of just plain plastic. But other than that it’s a very pleasant bit of hardware to wrap your hand around, as a bonus is it’s also nice to look at every day and to use a daily driver. The X8 also features a weight system as I commented on earlier which I found actually works; you have a small cover to remove in the base in order to access the 4 small weights. I did initially have trouble opening this as the area to grip is very small but with the weights taken out the mouse is super light, I keep them in as it feels a lot better for myself. Your mileage on the weights may vary so tweak to your desire for the optimum feeling.


As with the last LBATS mouse we covered, the X7, this model also includes a custom management software suite for setting up those lovely macros and DPI settings as well as the lighting colours. I found this suite feels a bit less customisable than the previous one I have used because the layout is totally different, but it’s also really easy to use with everything in simple sections to make getting the tweaks just right that bit easier.

I would have liked to see some continuity between the different mice so that if you were to own a previous model you don’t need to re-download the software for another mouse. It’s a really good suite and you can see above each area of customisation is split apart, with a section for Customising, Performance, Light and Macros. To break it down, Customise covers what button mappings you want each mouse button to cover so you can get them set just right for your tastes, I have the default setup but I have had button 8 set to skip and song forward when I have music on. You also have the option to set up 5 different key mappings giving the ability to have set ups for your top 5 favourite games. Performance is probably the most simple option for this mouse, it’s literally DPI and polling rates so nothing exciting there!

The light portion of the menu is really easy to use as well. You get a nice colour pallet to choose from and the ability to set how quickly the light pulses. I was hoping for a better selection of light effect settings so I could have the mouse pulse through each colour but the X8 is only set to use one colour at a time, some of the similar shades also don’t really distinguish themselves too much which is a bit of a disappointment. Then finally you get you the macro page, this one is also really easy as it’s for recording your own macros for those combos that aren’t covered in key mappings. This also allows you to get the ideal setup without having to hit extra keyboard or mouse buttons!


So the next important question to answer is, of course, “How does it perform in day to day and gaming?”. In my mouse testing I have again used GTA 5, not only is it my commonly played game but it features 3rd and 1st person views. So I’ll start with daily use, which this mouse is ace for, I have had the X8 set up on my PC and so far I have been really impressed with how quickly it responds. I can zip across from one screen to another with next to no lag or very minimal when it does take a moment to catch up. Having the G4 and G5 keys set up as back and forward keys makes the usual web browsing and file exploring so much easier, the G6 button can also be set as a double click button which makes opening apps and files a breeze.

Now to the gaming performance and for a mouse that costs in the region of £20 or less it handles being raced around in 3rd and 1st person views ridiculously well! I thought with GTA 5 it may have a little trouble but I can easily switch views and the X8 can keep up quite happily while I’m running around causing carnage in Los Santos! It’s also really responsive when flicking through the in-game menus as well being able to handle the rapid side to side and manic clicking when the cops are chasing you in the game!


In summary, the important question to answer now is, “Should you chuck your old mouse out and immediately buy the X8?”. In some aspects yes as it’s ridiculously good value for money, it can handle daily punishments and works brilliantly for casual gaming. In other aspects, there are some areas that sadly let it down compared to say a lower end Steelseries or Roccat mouse and these are little niggles such as the side grips could have had a rubber coating for extra grip and comfort. There’s another bit that lets it down, in my opinion, and that is the lack of effects with the lighting, I would have much preferred having a full blown RGB set up over a single colour setting. Overall though for the price it’s at currently – on Amazon a bargain £16.49 (correct at time of publishing) – you can’t really make a big fuss over limited or missing features as it does what it’s built for and it does it very very well.

 Awards image 7

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Excellent value for money.
– A great daily and casual gaming mouse.


– Lack of rubber grips means less comfortable.
– Lighting effects aren’t that great, minimal RGB.

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