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The Tesoro Lobera, aptly named after a sword (like the other Tesoro keyboards) is a fine offering in the gaming market. It has been put to good use through general usage and some heavy gaming session in many various games.

Performance wise, this keyboard has been lovely to use. The blue switches have an audible click and a good tactile response so you absolutely know when you have activated the switch. The performance in gaming is absolutely fantastic if you have the keyboard and profiles set up exactly how you like, with the colours and zones lit up, and full NKRO rollover, add the ability to record macros on the fly and you have some incredible functionality that quickly allows you to modify and adapt your game to evolving situations.

The keyboard design and looks very nice if you like an industrial look. It is an impressive effort, but you still get the feeling of it being plastic and not the brushed metal, as it is designed to look. I found that the lower plastic portion, where you rest your wrist to actually be quite slippy. This wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable but an odd sensation.

The software was a bit of an issue in all honesty. Ok, it allows you to perform the customisation, but it does feel quite rushed and the documentation is quite sparse and isn’t terribly well written. That being said, it is usable if you sit down with and play around to work out what does what. If you are on the edge about purchasing this keyboard or not, do not let the software put you off, at the time of writing this review it has been said that a new version of the software is going to be released that will hopefully have a bit more polish on it and give a much better feel and finish to the whole user experience.

The price for the keyboard I think is very reasonable, it is a good quality piece of kit that offers full RGB lighting. There are a few negative aspects to the keyboard, such as the gaps that let you see circuitry, but these are really quite minor and are completely outweighed by the positives this keyboard has to offer, such as the customisability of this keyboard, the fact that it is the first RGB keyboard with full N key rollover and the thought that has gone the overall design and purpose of this keyboard.

It is a keyboard that definitely has gamers at heart, and coming from Tesoro, who were made by gamers, it is exactly what you would want it to be. I would recommend this keyboard if you have a mid-range budget and wanted a piece of kit that really gave bang for your buck. So for all of these reasons, I am happy to award the Tesoro Lobera Supreme RGB with our:

Many thanks to Tesoro for sending us the Lobera Supreme for review, it has been a joy and we look forward to seeing some more of their kit in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Feature rich for the price
– Great feeling switches


– Subjective design
– Build quality leaves a lot to be desired
– Software is complicated with poor documentation.

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