Welcome back to my review desk and you guessed it, another RGB peripheral is here for us to check out from the folks at ADATA and its the Infarex M10 Mouse and R10 Mousepad in all their RGB-ness. It’s a great looking budget option for a double whammy surface and mouse set up, even with some RGB involved makes it a little more standout. Right, let’s get down to it then and get this review on the road, let’s go for it!


XPG Surface and Mouse (1)


  • Switch: 10 million clicks
  • DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200
  • Dimension: 120 x 68 x 35mm / 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.3in
  • Weight: 145g
  • Acceleration: 8G
  • Ultrapolling: 125Hz
  • Lighting Effect: Full RGB color
  • System: Windows7/Vista/XP
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 100mA

XPG Surface and Mouse (2)


  • Interface: PVC Hard Surface
  • Dimension: 350 x 250 x 3.6mm / 13.7 x 9.8 x 0.1in
  • Weight: 800g
  • Nine Lighting Mode: 7 Single solid colour lighting & 2 Rainbow Breathing
  • Cable Length: 1.7M
  • Voltage: .4V-5V
  • Current: 350mA

Whats in the box?

XPG Surface and Mouse (3)

The Closer Look

So now you’ve seen the specifications and what comes in the box, let’s get to the real interesting bit and that’s the closer look at the mouse and gaming mouse pad and see what they are like to use and how they feel as a daily driver. They certainly don’t look terrible nor do they feel that cheap, bearing in mind this set is a bargain at £39.99 for a mouse and pad that are both RGB capable!

XPG Surface and Mouse (6)The Infarex M10 gaming mouse’s rubber scroll wheel makes for a nice addition with its decent amount of grip and the matte finish is also a nice feature to see. The placement of DPI up and down buttons are great because when in the hand they aren’t easy to accidentally press, which I’ve done many times in the past with other devices. The integration of RGB on the mouse is really tasteful as well, it’s not overly garish and not everywhere either which makes for a nice change in a world of RGB everything. One thing I did note was that at times you can notice that it’s a more budget-friendly bit of kit as there have been a few moments where I’ve realised that the materials do feel a little more on the inexpensive side or not quite a hardy as some mice I’ve used.

XPG Surface and Mouse (5)

The Infarex R10 mouse pad, on the other hand, is really sturdy feeling, albeit you don’t tend to flex or move the pads. The hard surface isn’t one of my favoured surfaces to game on as I feel it doesn’t provide great support for me with a mouse but its great nonetheless. The red accent of metal across where the function button is and the cable connects in helps break up what looks to be a plain matte black hard surface.

XPG Surface and Mouse (4)The mono-colored lights (7 colors to choose from), using the little silver image in the upper central area, on the Infarex R10 is well implemented as it fills what looks to be a white plastic around the edges, with a nice smooth colour gradient depending on which mode you’ve picked, you can also choose cycling lights or pulsing lights and it’s all good party mode time. I have found that the R10 Mousepad is a nice subtle lighting addition to my desktop which is always welcome, the gentle colours pulsing round just brings a little more colour to my gaming station. The pad also has a great use of rubber pads that actually stop it sliding around when leaning on it with either a mouse or, as I have it, as a surface for another padded mat for under my keyboard. It’s not quite big enough for a TKL keyboard but it helps get a level surface on my so I don’t have a wobbly keyboard!

A nice feature to see, for me, is the braided cables on both the M10 mouse and R10 mousepad it helps them to fit in with my braided cable peripheral theme and is just a nice thing to see and can help promote a somewhat more premium feel to bargain-priced gear.

XPG Surface and Mouse (8)


So how does it all perform after heavy use, well as you can guess the R10 Mousepad does what any hard surface does, that is sadly lack of cushioning support which for me is a must, and makes for a great addition for anyone who doesn’t have a decent mousepad but likes a hard surface for gaming and day to day use, I’m more of a fan of thicker padded surfaces and they make extended sessions more bearable. I have my R10 set up underneath my keyboard and spare mousemat and this adds just enough depth for an even surface across my desk. The M10 mouse, however, is a different story and for the total price of the set at £39.99, you bag a pretty decent budget-friendly gaming mouse. From the looks of it, you could have the potential to map macros on the mouse or even fine tune the lighting but for you’d need a software suite. I have actually tried to find if this exists but sadly I’ve not been able to find anything from XPG that can achieve this. There is a QR code on the box but this sadly doesn’t scan with my QR app so it could well be the source for the software but other than that the mouse itself is better than your average office aimed mouse. It might not have the best DPI sensor, at 3200 dpi it’s not too impressive but more than ample for FPS games and I managed in both PUBG and CS:GO with little to no issues with slower DPI speeds.

So overall on a performance basis and budget oriented view, I’d recommend this combo as it will be more than ample to get you up and running if you don’t have a gaming mouse already. Even if you have a gaming mouse already this is a good set to have so you have got a backup mouse on hand should anything bad happen to your daily driver mouse. Just be prepared for it to be a little slower but more than capable of handling anything you can throw at it.

XPG Infarex M10 Gaming Mouse and R10 Gaming Mousepad Review: Our Verdict

What’s Hot:

  • Great price for a double whammy peripheral set
  • Mouse is great as a daily driver
  • Hard surface is more than suitable for the M10 mouse
  • Monochrome RGB is nice as it brings extra colour to your space.

What’s Not:

  • Lack of software for mouse means no programming buttons
  • Mouse does feel a little cheap sometimes and buttons can be mushy

XPG Surface and Mouse (7)

Thanks for making it this far, don’t worry it’s nearly done and dusted, the conclusion is here. After having used the Infarex M10 mouse for a while it does come with quirks such as slightly mushy DPI buttons and I noticed that you can squish the back and forward buttons into the mouse if you use too much force. If you can put up with these then the M10 is a great, cheap little mouse for gaming and general daily computer use. I’m giving the Infarex R10 and M10 the value award as its a good peripheral set for a great price, definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a spare mouse and hard gaming surface.Value Award

The Infarex R10 mousepad is also a really good surface not only do you get a really hard-wearing hard surface that works really well with the mouse but it has a nice drizzle of RGB sprinkled into the mix. There’s not a huge amount to speak about when it comes to the hard surface mousepad apart from it being a nice addition to any RGB free space. So after all that, my final words are actually a mixed bag as this set has its upsides and downsides. In all fairness when you can pick this set up from Box.co.uk for £39.99 you can’t expect it to be absolutely perfect but that’s where this combo evens out as it’s a relatively decent mouse and hard surface for a bargain price. Where else can you get both a gaming surface and mouse for less than £40? Either way, if you need a wallet-friendly mouse as a spare this is definitely up there but let me know your thoughts, will you be nabbing an Infarex R10 and M10 set? Let us know below. So, until the next goodies hit my desk to review, I’m off.

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