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As usual, we’ll start the performance side of things with some synthetic testings. None of these tests are to be taken as gospel due to their homebrew nature and not everyone will be interested in the results anyway, however, there are plenty of you out there that appreciate reviews that actually test mice and this section is for you.


All my testing is done on an OcUK Mega Mat XXL 


Enotus Mouse Test v 0.1.4

Enotus mouse test can give us a few bits of sensor information such as DPI and polling rate. The methodology used in this benchmark is to always run it at the maximum DPI the mouse supports and also at 1000Hz.


In Enotus mouse test, as you would expect the EC1-A kills it thanks to the superb A3310 optical sensor. Tracking speed gets up near the 180 ips mark, there is not even a sniff of acceleration and jitter appears to be minimal; if there’s one thing we can rely on Zowie for it’s top notch sensor performance.

Mouse Movement Recorder

This benchmark gives us a direct feed of sensor reading versus pointer movement and it also gives us an approximate polling rate. This benchmark is run at 1000Hz.


The first thing we are looking for here is sensor malfunction and there is none present as was to be expected. The second is of course stability in the polling rate which the EC1-A does very well in for an optical sensor so it’s looking good all round here.

Paint jitter testing

This test is a bit less scientific, but drawing lines in paint gives a good visual representation of any jitter present. The methodology here is to perform the test at 1600 DPI, 3200 DPI, and finally the maximum DPI of the particular mouse which gives us means to keep results more consistent between optical and laser sensors. All tests are run at 1000Hz.

1600 DPI


3200 DPI


Finally we have the jitter test which, as expected, is pretty much spot on with no real noticeable increase in jitter even at maximum DPI, which is a testament to the fact that Zowie choose to run sensors within their design parameters rather than using interpolation or other cheap tricks which can throw the tracking off.

Once again as if we needed reminding, these tests show that if you value sensor performance above all else you simply cannot beat a Zowie.


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