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Like the majority of Enermax products, their packaging is always fantastic and with the Revolution X’t power supply, nothing has changed.  Across the front, we have Revolution X’t in a gold bold font which is supported and accentuated by the solid black background.  Also on the front we have information regarding the manufacturer (Enermax of course) and its power/efficiency rating.

On the rear there is a more detailed list of specifications and features that you can expect with the Revolution X’t.  The tables have yellow accents to them with gold writing which signifies the power supplies rating (gold of course).  Overall the box is what you can expect from Enermax; stylish, quality and not too intrusive with its design.

Bundled together with the Enermax Revolution X’t 730w power supply, we have the following:

1 x User manual

1 x Enermax carry bag

1 x Power cable

1 x Set of screws to mount the PSU into a case

1 x Information card

1 x Modular cable set

Plenty of accessories and everything you would expect to come supplied in the box.  Touching more on the modular cables, it includes 2 x 6/8pin PCI-E, 1 x Molex/Floppy power and 2 x SATA power cables.  Surely there is plenty of  power supply of this size and that is not including the cables hard wired into the unit; this power supply is hybrid modular.

One thing I really loved about the packaging was how elegantly the actual PSU was packed inside the box.  It comes in a bubbled bag which is very sturdy (for air filled plastic) and should ensure that no harm should come to the unit in transit.


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