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Taking a closer look at the Enermax Revolution X’t 730w power supply, it has a rough black plastic feel to the casing but don’t let the use of the word plastic fool you; it feels very well made and also robust.  The power supply itself has an all-black design with gold accents on the test; on the sides it simply reads “Revolution X’t”.

In terms of size, the 730w variant of the Revolution X’t is 460mm long so it isn’t the longest PSU on the market, but you should always check your case can support the size of the PSU.  It is also worth noting that this power supply is the standard ATX form factor and there should be no problems in installing this PSU inside a chassis that supports it.

On the “top” of the power supply, we have the technical specifications and operations sticker.  I personally don’t like the placement of this and would prefer just to read it off the manual but for those who don’t want to see this, you could always mod it but at the risk of voiding the warranty.  It contains information such as the amperage on the rails, efficiency rating and even the European safety information which all products like this must contain.

The “bottom” of the Revolution X’t (or whichever way you choose to install it) has a rather nice and subtle black fan grill which not only allows air to flow properly but it also stops larger objects from causing an obstruction to the fan.  Touching more on the fan, it is a 140mm or 13.9cm if you want to be precise and should push a decent amount of air; not that an efficient power supply is going to need much in terms of cooling but the 140mm fan will help with noise levels.

A lot of manufacturers go with a honeycomb mesh design for a lot of different products including cases and is something found on the rear of this particular power supply.  Not only is it used to help cool the power supply by providing good ventilation but personally I feel it is used because it looks more aesthetically pleasing than just holes dotted into the metal.

The Enermax Revolution X’t 730w power supply has full slim flat cables which Enermax claim it will help improve airflow inside your case.  Not only is this true to an extent, it also helps with cable management as the cables aren’t as bulky and are easier to hide.  Add the fact the power supply is modular and this would be a nice compliment to a case such as the Corsair SPEC-03 which has limited space available.


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