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With power supplies being one of the most key components inside a system, having one that is quality and reliable is a must, especially if you are using high end power hungry components.  With Enermax having a lineage of providing just that, how much of a mark did the Revolution X’t have on me and what are my final thoughts?

Well starting out with the performance, the Revolution X’t was a solid performer albeit a couple of little fluctuations on the 5v rail while testing.  Whether this was down to the actual unit itself or a cable issue, it was still well within the ATX requirements for a 5v rail and thus passed the testing no problems.  Although when we tested the Fractal Design 800w Newton R3 it did seem to perform a little better overall on 12v rail performance than the Revolution X’t, the Revolution X’t still was quite exquisite and was the clear highlight of the testing; the 12v rail being the main one in my opinion also.

Touching on the aesthetics, the gold and black design is probably not going to be to everyone’s taste but just for the simple fact it signifies the gold efficiency rating, I personally like it.  Couple that with the fact that Enermax power supplies feel very robust and add the packaging into the equation, the whole package feels very complete.  I have to mention the bubble dome air filled packaging the actual unit comes with inside the box is one of the highlights for me and I wish every manufacturer would implement this.

One of the main selling points in my opinion of the Revolution X’t is the Haswell CPU compatibility. What I mean by this is that there will be no issues with the system turning itself off due to lack of power when in hibernation/sleep mode.  This has caused many people who switched to the latest Z87 chipset many headaches (myself included) so to have a power supply that eliminates the problem, it is surely a good thing.

Price wise, £94 isn’t the cheapest you can find a 730w modular power supply for but what you do get is a great quality components, capacitors and a fantastic 5 year warranty.  Combine that with the gold efficiency rating and the sublime packaging then things start to show perspective.

Overall Enermax really do seem to continue their tradition of producing top quality power supplies and I really would have loved to have put this on a load tester but one day, one day!  That being said, there was a little fluctuation as mentioned on the 5v rail but nothing too serious. Based on the results, I am proud to award the 730w Revolution X’t our gold award which surprisingly, matches this power supply perfectly!

Many thanks to Enermax for sending the Revolution X’t in for review and I look forward to seeing more in the near future.



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  • Value


Aside from the 5v fluctuation under load, the Enermax Revolution X’t 730w power supply not only delivers on it’s 12v rail, but it looks the part too and it is only fitting that it deserves our gold award. If you are in the market for a top quality sub £100 power supply, make sure you consider this one!

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