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Okay to get this one working is quite easy for someone who is experienced, but for a rookie it might look daunting. We’ve run through the steps to get it running as part of the review (as the manual is quite small)

First of all plug the camera into the mains then allow up to 2 minutes for the device to start for the first time.  Best way to manage the camera is to download the iSecurity app from the Apple/Android app store. Create an account once it’s installed. From the same smartphone (or a laptop) you’ll need to do a scan for new wireless networks, just as if you were connecting to your WiFi at home, or the office. You’ll then see a new network under the name S-GUARD360HDXXXX where XXXX represent the last 4 characters of the camera’s MAC address.

Connect to this network and you’ll then be asked to connect the camera itself to your own WiFi network. You can see where added confusion might come from now. Once connected, the camera will then associate itself to your iSecurity account. You can also manage the device from the iSecurity website. Personally we preferred using this, although both have their pros and cons. You can see how the app looks below. Apologies if they are poor quality, the screenshots were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Once you’ve chosen the camera you’d like to view, then you’ll be presented with a live feed. At which point you can then start recording images/video and transmitting audio. Pretty cool huh?

Now bearing in mind the screenshot above is just that, a screenshot. Even this looks pretty good. Also we had the camera behind a window without too much in the way of glare. Now let’s compare the screenshot to the actual image we captured below. To do this, simply press the first little camera icon. It will then save this to the same mobile device that you are using the app on.


The camera is pretty good and picks up on the different colours and details just nicely. Hopefully enough to deter or identify anybody who might be up to something unscrupulous. Or at least to capture decent evidence. There’s nothing worse than someone still using grainy security equipment from the 1990s. It can also automatically adjust the quality of the image depending on the activity that it detects. It boasts up to 720p images.   It also has 6 x 850nm IR LEDs to capture decent night time images for up to about 8 metres. Not only that it has a 2 way microphone, meaning if you do want to have a conversation with the neighbourhood cat, you can do so. Only thing I noticed with the microphone was if you speak too quickly or too loud it can become distorted slightly. But I was able to have a conversation with the Mrs without too much of a problem.

Now depending on what features you want depends on whether you want to consider a paid iSecurity account. Being a paid member unlocks specific abilities of the camera. Pricing is set at $10 a month. Worth paying if you have multiple cameras enabled under the one account. We’ve put a feature comparison guide below to help. You automatically get a 14 day trial of iSecurity Video, so this should give more than enough time to evaluate whether the additional features are needed.

Feature iSecurity+ Live iSecurity+ Snapshots iSecurity+ Video


Mobile Live Viewing Yes Yes Yes
Camera Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Camera Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Live Audio Sharing Yes Yes Yes
In-App Video Recording Yes Yes Yes
In-App Snapshot Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection No Yes Yes
Mobile Notification No Yes Yes
E-mail Notification No Yes Yes
Event Capture No Yes Yes
Record off site (Cloud Storage) No Yes Yes
Event Capture (Video & Audio) No No Yes


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