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AS SSD Benchmark is a straightforward tool for measuring the speed of your SSD drive.

Simply launch the program, choose your drive, click Start, and it’ll test your SSD’s read and write speed in a variety of ways, delivering a score for each when it’s done. And if that’s not enough, there are also additional file copy and compression-related benchmarks available from the Tools menu. (The author’s support page is German only, but if you need further English explanations then there’s a thread on the program at the OCZ Technology forum.).






As we can see from the AS SSD results, the Corsair Force LX 256GB drives particularly well in the sequential read speed test and easily keeps up with the more expensive and premium Samsung 850 PRO (albeit the RAPID mode is cheating a little so ignore those for now).  The write speed is however a little lacking in my opinion, especially for a drive with 8 chips/256GB capacity.


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