When looking at a £3399.99 valued system, you obviously have to appreciate that all aspects of value go straight out of the window! The MSI Aegis Ti combines top elements across multiple areas. These include 2 x GTX 1080s in SLI for the graphics, an Intel Core i7 6700K processor at 4.6GHz (when the OC button is pressed) and 2 x 256GB M.2 NMVe 2280 SSDs in RAID 0 for maximum boot drive performance. The only set back is the memory and although not a hinderance in gaming performance, in synthetic benchmarks the difference can be seen; this is due to MSI using SO-DIMM DDR4 memory instead of regular desktop RAM.

The design is very take it or leave it; you either love it, or you don’t! MSI have included customisable RGB LED lighting which can be edited via the MSI Gaming Centre software and it’s very easy to do so. In fact, MSI include various software including Nahimic for configuring audio, ScenaMax for improving visual quality dependant on the type of application you’re running and Mystic light; where you can customise the RGB lighting. MSI have always been heavy on providing the best software solutions with their systems and notebooks, the MSI Gaming Centre encompasses that.

My favourite feature of the MSI Aegis Ti is the MSI Dragon OC button. With a simple press of this button, it overclocks the Intel Core i7 6700K from stock speeds all the way to 4.6GHz; perfect for squeezing extra performance in gaming and of course while doing CPU heavy tasks such as photo editing and video rendering. This illuminates up when enabled, so it’s easy to tell if your system is an overclocked beast, or a subtle tiger waiting to pounce.

Overall the MSI Aegis Ti is a cracking system in terms of performance, looks and of course overall presence. With 2 x GTX 1080’s in SLI, it mashes up 4K gaming even at the maximum settings in most AAA titles and although it costs just under £3400, it’s obviously to see why!

 Awards image 3

Huge thanks to MSI for sending the Aegis Ti system in for review.


– Exceptional 4K gaming performance thanks to the 2 x GTX 1080’s in SLI
– Unique and stylish look
– Great software packaging including the Windows 10 operating system pre-installed
– Great overall storage performance
– MSI OC button is amazing; press it and i7 6700K goes to 4.6GHz!
– RGB lighting throughout which allows for a custom look
– The ultimate air cooled 4K gaming PC


– Can get a little warm, but still well within thermal limitations
– Expensive, but what do you expect with 2 way SLI GTX 1080’s?

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msi-aegis-ti-reviewThe included MSI HB SLI bridge for increased performance and style really goes a long way and if you're looking for one of the best pre-built systems on the market, then the Aegis Ti is the one for you!

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