Overclockers UK Titan 8000a Krypt Review

  • Brand: Overclockers UK
  • Model: Titan 8000a Krypt
  • RRP: £820.87 (At time of the review)

With the ever present battle between Intel and AMD over supremacy in the component world currently, people have mixed opinions on both brands in terms of cost and performance.  Many companies build systems with both and usually, the AMD systems work out cheaper due to the price of the parts over the Intel options.  One such company is the well renowned UK based company, Overclockers UK or OcUK for short.  Offering a massive selection of systems to choose from including many options in terms of customisation, OcUK have something to cater for your budget’s needs.

OcUK have their head is clearly in the zone in terms of their custom built PC and the options available, but the system I will be taking a look at personally today is their Titan 8000a Krypt, which sports an AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 processor running at 3.6GHz.  The processor itself is a quad core and this CPU is the basis for the build.  There are many different configurations you can choose from but the system I have in my hands today includes an AMD HD7950 and a 120GB Samsung 840 Basic SSD.

Combined with the graphical power of a 7950, the boot performance of the Samsung SSD and a CPU with the power to price ratio that the Bulldozer FX 4100 CPU has, how will the system perform overall?  Let’s take a look at the full specifications of the build but first, here is Overclockers UK take on their Titan 8000a Krypt systems.

Overclockers UK on their Titan 8000a Krypt:

The “Titan 8000a Krypt” features a AMD Bulldozer FX-4 Quad Core 4100 3.60GHz Processor, combined with a selection of high performance, handpicked components designed to meet your desire for the perfect gaming system.


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