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Introduction & Closer Look

Brand: Overclockers UK
Model: Ultima Finesse Blackhole
Price: £2017.96 @ Overclockers UK (At time of review)

Overclockers UK for more than a decade have been a company built on passion and as the name suggests, the original founder Mark Proudfoot (Spie) who was an overclocker himself, established himself a piece of UK technology retail history.  Skip forward to 2012 and the Caseking group acquired Overclockers UK and have done some pretty crazy things over the past few years; the Systems by 8Pack being some of the craziest and premium systems sold by any retailer in the UK.

Although todays review isn’t about 8Pack or his systems, we do have an Overclockers UK custom system on our desk for review today; namely the Ultima Finesse Blackhole which is quite a weird naming scheme, but nevertheless, the system is the important thing here!

So what’s the Ultima Finesse Blackhole got going for it?  Well, the system comes inside the NZXT Source 340 case which should be noted is in black and is powered on the Intel Core i7 5820k 6 core CPU on Intel’s X99 platform.  This is complimented by the MSI X99S SLI Plus motherboard and helped along by 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory; a nice combination if I say so myself!  To finish it off, the Blackhole is powered by the 750w Superflower Gold PSU, which in my opinion is one of the best brands of power supply in the world today; not just for performance, but for price too!  To finish it off, we have a pair of KFA2 GTX 970 Infinity Black Edition graphics cards although if you do want to, it does bump the price up a little!  Still, just a couple of quid over the £2000 mark isn’t bad going for an X99 based SLI’ed GTX 970 powered system? Or is it?

So taking a look at the system itself, it looks very neat and tidy inside; Overclockers UK have obviously put a lot of time into cable management etc. and for £2000, it’s to be expected!  Who is willing to spend £2000 on something that looks like a 10 year put it together? No-one!  In view is of course the Ultima Finesse Blackhole and the NZXT Source 340 with its window panel on, but we have also taken quite a few shots to show you the detail of the interior and how well built this system is.

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 1

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 4

I really love the placement of the Samsung 500GB 850 EVO SSD; it sits proudly in place above the PSU shroud.  In addition to the 500GB SSD which comes with a full retail copy of Windows 8.1 as standard (free upgrade to Windows 10 available upon release), there is a 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM storage drive; not only a powerful system, but a well-thought out one too!

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 6

Cooling this monster, is the Prolimatech Genesis Dual Fan CPU cooler which is equipped with 2 x BitFenix Spectre Pro 120mm fans; these are smoked and have white LEDs.  The Intel i7 5820k that it’s cooling has been pre-overclocked to 3.9GHz by Overclockers UK prior to shipping; this cooler is also more than adequate to handle the heat and I actually quite dig the general design of it.  Behind the cooler is the 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory in quad channel mode. (4x4GB modules).

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 7

Not confident enough to build and setup your own custom gaming PC, but want SLI GTX 970s?  Well Overclockers got your back with the KFA2 GTX 970 Infinite Black Edition cards which come with a coil while free guarantee; a bane of graphics cards of recent times, especially for those who demand absolute silence from their systems!

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 5

Inside of the case aside from the premium hardware and obvious attention to detail, Overclockers UK have applied a BitFenix Alchemy white LED strip to help give the interior a subtle, but powerful glow; totally in line with the general design and colour scheme in my opinion.

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 9

Here is a couple of shots with dimmed lighting; as you can see the Ultima Finesse Blackout is very stylish, elegant and with a 6 core Intel CPU combined with SLI GTX 970’s, also very powerful.

Overclockers UK Ultima Blackhole System 10

So we have seen the system itself, we have seen the key points regarding specifications, but let’s take a look at the full system specifications and, of course, the test setup/methodology…

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