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Developer: Ubisoft SofiaUbisoft Kiev
Game: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue
Price: £24.99 (on Steam at time of review)

Going into this particular game of the AC franchise, I was a little dubious to say the least… A combination of the lack of Ubisoft Montreal and no Xbox One or PlayStation 4 release had me a little curious whether this was a worthwhile instalment to the franchise. I’m glad to say however I was proved very wrong. Once I got my teeth really sunk into this game I found that it not only was fun to play through with the free running combined with ship gameplay, but this game was also pretty long too. If you take the time to go ahead and do all the gameplay and extras, you’d find yourself into 20+ hours of gameplay, and that’s BEFORE you even go on to 100% it! In this chapter you play as Shay Cormac. Shay is an assassin turned rogue, and has begun work for the Templars, that’s correct, you’ll be playing as the enemy this time round! The game takes place mostly in New York among other places. You will also see old characters return, the likes of Haytham Kenway, Achilles Davenport and Adéwalé (both cool characters in one game, hell yeah!).

This is a title I picked up for the hell of it, mostly because I seen it on sale for under £10 and I thought it couldn’t be a bad investment. Thankfully I was proved right, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue does offer a lot of cool gameplay and story moments, playing as the Irish immigrant Shay Cormac is a really good way to play in an alternative way. This is the first time you play through a game exclusively as a Templar, and although I hate Templars due to the previous titles, I did find Shay rather cool.

It was strange playing during years between Edward Kenway and Connor’s stories, but it does bridge the gaps there which was nice to finally see happen, because games started feeling a little random. Something else that was great were the locations, mostly in icy water based regions, this meant a different way of using your ship, having to avoid icebergs, frozen waters can cause some problems along the way. I also loved seeing Adéwalé and Achilles in the same game, from ACIII and Black Flag, they were two characters I really liked, and I do know Adéwalé has his own game too which is also rather awesome. I thought that playing as a non-descendant of Desmond Miles in the main storyline was rather strange, but also cool to know that future games don’t have to be super-glued to that ancestry.

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