The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Witcher 2, but better in every way! 2


Watched all of Game of Thrones and are hankering for a fantasy world filled with adventure and boobs? Well The Witcher 3 is perfect for you! Set in a fantasy world where all kinds of monsters are not only existing, but killing innocent people, and you play as a fantasy character in itself as Geralt of Rivia once more. You are a witcher whose job is to search out and kill monsters, while being paid fairly handsomely while you’re at it might I add, also paid to do quite a few other things through the game too of course. I personally enjoyed this game 10x more than the second game, plainly because not only were graphics and gameplay improved but the game is set in an open world and you’re free to roam wherever you please. Basically, kind of like Skyrim, but prettier….. (yeah I know).

You will of course begin the game as Geralt, and you strangely wake up in bed and who is in the room but Yennifer who you have been searching for! As things go by you find out it is simply a dream, and you’re dreaming back to a time when Geralt was still with Yennifer and is training a young girl called Ciri. Essentially this whole dream sequence serves as a kind of training mode to get you back into the game if you haven’t played for a while or are new to the franchise altogether. The story picks up from there and you basically wake up with another witcher called Vesemir who reminds me of Lord Commander Mormont from Game of Thrones for some strange reason. I will say this game has been simplified a little so that it is made easier for new people to enter the franchise late and play this game which is nothing short of a masterpiece to the RPG genre.

Like the last game, this isn’t your typical RPG experience where swinging the sword a few times defeats any foe. You will need to make use of the signs at your disposal because quite a lot of the monsters in the game can kill you within 2-3 hits tops, and you need to be ready to dodge and use your signs then attack. With the game being made somewhat easier for newcomers to the franchise, there are monsters and humans you can kill with one or two swings of your sword, which feels strange when you’re moving over from Witcher 2 where it was a real battle going up against a few enemies.

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