Steelseries 5H v3 Review

SteelSeries are a household name where peripherals are concerned and in today's review, we'll be looking at the eSports backed SteelSeries 5H V3 headset.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Time for another headset review, this time the HyperX cloud from Kingston. Can it live up to the HyperX name?

Geemarc CL7400 Wireless Headphones Review

the Geemarc CL7400 is a wireless pair of headphones designed for those who are hard of hearing. In the simplest terms, these are really quite loud - amplified - headphones more so than your usual ones would be.

Antec ISO Review

I have here a pair of earphones from Antec, a company who typically does cooling equipment. With wireless, a microphone and a myriad of other features...

SteelSeries 9H Review

Up for review today is a gaming headset from the Danish company SteelSeries, the 9H to be exact. Does it live up to my expectations? read on for more...
Jabra Elite Sport Featured

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Ear Buds Review

Jabra have released the first wireless Bluetooth ear buds that also contain a heart rate monitor - how do these unique ear buds perform? Find out now.

SteelSeries Flux Review

Here for review today, is a set of SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Headphones, are they up to the task? Read on for more..
Genius HS-935BT Review 7

Genius HS-935BT Review

I take a look at the Genius HS-935BT Bluetooth wireless headset which has support for Bluetooth 4.1 and comes supplied with a 3.5mm audio cable for devices without Bluetooth support.
Extreme One-Eighties Noise Cancelling Headphones Review 6

Extreme One-Eighties Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Today I take a look at Extreme's One-eighties Active Noise Cancelling headphones. Read on to find out how the headphones perform.

Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review

The Tonor TC-777 is a price to performance benchmark! An all-in-one microphone bundle out of the box that delivers good quality clarity vocals after a slight volume adjustment, of course. It’s perfect for anyone constantly on the move as it packs up into a small profile, gamers and streamers, as well as perfectly at home as a simple video chat application microphone. In my opinion, it’s a very good value for money option and certainly deserves your consideration if you are looking for an affordable microphone to replace laptop or headset options.